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Wreaths for Everyone

I have seen so many gorgeous wreaths lately and have wanted so badly to make one myself. Until a friend recently made one for her mom and her grandmother, I had put this project on the back burner. But after seeing how beautifully, and seemingly easy, her wreaths turned out I was ready to head to my all time favorite store – Hobby Lobby

Now, I can never walk into Hobby Lobby with a purpose and not come out $200 deep. This girl does some damage! I always find awesome trinkets, other project ideas or some household decor that ends up in my cart. This particular trip I ransacked the Christmas decoration aisles (40% off!!) and got all new tree theme decor.

Once I headed over to the wreath/floral section – where I originally came to be – I had thought I would create a wreath that matched my new Christmas decorations. But then I saw leopard print and had to go with it. Leopard print has my eye these days!

So I played around in the flowers trying to find some that had the same color hues, adding in a sparkle here or there and making sure I had at least one “pop” of color. Once I had created what I felt was a good grouping, I picked out the size/look and type of wreath I wanted to decorate. I am a sucker for the grapevine/treebranch look and I wanted it as big as my door would allow. Then it was off to find the perfect letter initial for our family name. There were different sizes and fonts to choose from, some already painted and some raw wood. Here is what I came home with (in regards to the project):


The first thing I did was take all the floral tags off and cut the flowers stem to the size I needed. To cut, I used scissors (wire cutters would be easiest- but my hubby was out of town and I had no clue where in the garage I would find such things). I had to cut around the area and then bend the wire both ways for it to break off at the point I wanted. I would suggest cutting roughly 5-6 inches down the stem from the flower so you have some room to weave the stem into the wreath to secure it. See below my cut stems:



Once the stems are cut and you decide how you want them placed in the wreath, weave them into place. I suggest playing around with the placement and order of the flowers along the side of the wreath before you just start weaving them in, this way you are sure of how you want them placed. This is where my son stepped in and helped me create a pattern.

Now it’s time to paint (if you so choose) your initial. Once finished, hot glue all these suckers into place and hang it up to show off your craftiness!



Here are some other personalized wreaths I made this year for Christmas gifts.






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