Winter Static got you looking CRAZY?

Is your hair super dry and brittle in the winter months?

Do you find nothing helps to give your hair the moisture and shine it needs during this season?

And talk about static!! Is that driving you insane?

What if I told you that we could hook you up with a brand new product on the market that helps with all of this… for FREE… would you want it?

Honestly…. this product is a MUST HAVE for the cooler climate.

  • Dry, brittle hair is restored to its original soft and silky condition, making your hair more responsive to styling.
  • Depleted amino acids are replenished for improved hair texture, surface protection and manageability.
  • Nurtures dry hair with nourishing moisture benefits delivered from these essential vegetal oils: Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Linseed Extract and Soybean Oil.

It’s our brand new (and only available during December) Super Moisture Masque! Don’t miss out on this amazing product perfect for the winter weather!

This product is available for FREE until December 31st with any and all VIP flex ship orders. And every brand new VIP customer gets an additional item for free! Super Score!

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