Which Products are Best for You?

Want to try Monat…but unsure what products you need?

Start by answering these questions…

1) hair oily or dry
2) scalp oily or dry
3) hair fine or coarse
4) hair thick or thin
5) natural, color, bleach, color and bleach
6) how often do you shampoo (or should you)
7) what styling products do you typically use
8) what color is your hair

For starters…

There are different systems that Monat has created to tackle some common hair and scalp issues. I personally find most people need to mix and match items to create their very own system for their hair and scalp needs. Plus you’ll get 15% off to mix and match, score!

The Balance System: this system comes with the Renew shampoo, Leave-in conditioner, and the replenish masque. This system would be best for someone with very very thick, dry, processed, over processed or ethnic hair. The leave-in conditioner may feel heavy on someone with fine hair.

The Volume System: this system comes with the ReVive shampoo, reVitalize conditioner (both have V= volume) and the Root Lifter. This system would be best for fine, normal to oily hair looking for some extra volume!

The Magnify System: this system comes with the Renew (balance) Shampoo, Revitalize (Volume) Conditioner and the Moxie Mousse. This is best for normal, dry, or combo hair, looking for extra volume. Especially great for curly hair! (Scrunch or diffuse with a t-shirt instead of towel)

Let it Grow: this system comes with the IR shampoo and IRT scalp treatment. This system gets mixed reviews. It typically would be best for someone with natural or darker fine hair wanting extreme growth, or those with severe balding or alopecia. This shampoo has 3 times the growth factors as the renew and revive shampoos. (Remember, all of the shampoos will promote rapid growth and you really need to use the shampoo that would be best for your specific hair and scalp) This shampoo tends to be more drying and gives your hair almost a “gritty” feeling that helps hold style. There seems to be a love hate relationship between people and this particular system. There is an IRT conditioner that can be paired with this system for extra hydration.

Classic Confidence System: this system comes with the Black 2 in 1 (shampoo and conditioner) and the IRT scalp spray. This system is kind of the brother to Let it Grow. This system was designed for men to promote rapid growth and reverse balding. While this is AWESOME for men it’s also AWESOME for women! Like the IRT shampoo, this also has 3 times the growth factors as the Renew and Revive. This shampoo and conditioner (2 in 1) is also perfect for helping blondes stay blonde. While this shampoo is perfect for men, women tend to need a little extra moisture and will need to add on a conditioner.

The men do get their own complete system for themselves. Our Black system is the men’s line and includes the Black shampoo, aftershave,cream shave and sculpting clay (not pictured). Women tend to love to steal the shampoo and the shaving cream though!


Some of the favorite combos are…

Renew Shampoo, Replenish masque, and Revitalize conditioner (for thick, normal to dry hair, or combo hair).

Black Shampoo, Renew Shampoo, Revitalize conditioner (for the processed blonde with dry ends).

Black Shampoo, Revive shampoo, Revitalize conditioner (for blondes that tend to be more oily looking for some extra volume).

Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, replenish masque (normal to oily scalp, dry ends, looking for volume).

The black 2 in 1 and IRT are more clarifying than Renew and Revive and are recommended to boost through detox and for people that may have a lot of product build up on their hair. With that being said these are both a daily shampoo and can be used every wash.

Our Power Boost system is a wonderful add on to any of the above systems. It provides us with the best kind of nourishment inside and out. This system is great for anyone but most specifically for those with thinning or balding issues.

We haven’t left out the kiddos. With the Junior Line you get an all natural and gluten free set of shampoo, conditioner and detangler, your children will have squeaky clean, shiny hair to grow and grow. Psssstt, adults LOVE the detangler too!

These are typical recommendations but please talk to me about your specific hair and scalp type to make sure you are getting the best products for your individual needs/wants! Some people’s regimens may need a little tweaking in the beginning to find what works best for their hair! I am here to help you find your perfect system! With that being said I would be happy to send samples to whoever would like to give Monat a try, just contact me.

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