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Welcome to the Club

Professional Reader

1st Rule: You don’t talk about book club.

2nd Rule: You DO NOT TALK ABOUT BOOK CLUB. (kidding, please talk about it)

3rd Rule: If somebody is behind, you leave them. (go at your own pace)

4th Rule: Only books from the list. (kidding, please comment below other great books you’d like to read)

5th Rule: Only one book at a time.

6th Rule: No shoes, but a glass of wine is required.

7th Rule: Books will go on as long as you need to.

8th RULE: If this is your first time at BOOK CLUB, you HAVE to read.

Well that was fun. Clearly I love movies as well. But to be serious, if you love to read, I would love for you to join my book club on Facebook, called Women, Wine & Words. We love psychological thrillers the most and try our best to read two or three books per month. If you don’t care to join on facebook, you can tag along reading my brief reviews here.

So, grab a glass of my favorite Peach Moscato and snuggle in for a great book.

Be sure to share below in the comments: what you are reading currently, what you would like to read with us or what your favorite wine is! I am always looking to try out new wines and never discriminate!

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