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Verity – Colleen Hoover

“Verity” by Colleen Hoover was a little bit of a different, darker read. Being that it features two authors, one helping finish a series for the other who has become an invalid after an accident, there are chapters of her autobiography mixed in with the chapters of this story. That made this book quite a page-turner and a fun read.

In this triangle, there is a gorgeous and kind husband, Jeremy, as well. Verity and Jeremy are said to be “Chronics” – a term made up by Verity for a person who chronically has tragic things happen to them. They have lost two of their three children and now with her accident…it seems the hits just keep on coming.

The main character, Lowen, was selected by Verity’s publisher to finish her serious out since she had a similar writing style. Lowen is invited out to Verity and Jeremy’s home to sort through Verity’s office and find any possible notes regarding her vision for the last three books of the series. Lowen does not find any notes, however she does find a manuscript of an autobiography Verity wrote in the years and months, right up to her accident. Chapter by chapter Lowen uncovers the type of person she believes Verity to be, and it is nothing like Jeremy portrays. All the while Lowen and Jeremy have struck up a connection, putting her in a very tough position to uncover the horrible truth to Jeremy or save him from it.

Could Verity truly have been this heinous person and Jeremy really not have seen it? How did she hide her true character so well? What will Lowen do with the information she has uncovered? And is Verity’s current state real or is it all a hoax?

Find out who wins the man and what happens to that manuscript. I suggest this book for a nice weekend in or even sitting on the beach. It is one you will fly through quickly!

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