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Two Girls Down – Louisa Luna

Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna is a story about sisters that go missing from their mother’s car while she runs a quick shopping errand, basically every mother’s worst nightmare. With the help of two private investigators that combine their efforts, and the local police department and the FBI, every lead is investigated to attempt to find these two girls.

Two other open missing girls cases from several years prior end up giving clues to what may have happened, what tied these cases together and who may have been at hand. Private Investigators Alice Vega and Max Caplan team up in this terrifying tale in an effort to save these two girls, while also solving the mystery of the other missing girl cases.

Vega and Cap’s relationship is a strange one that develops into something a bit more in time. Vega is a strong, fierce character that doesn’t put up with any bull****. Even though, she has soft spots that crack her from time to time and she comes to find she doesn’t mind being vulnerable with “Cap”. Cap is an ex-officer whose marriage crumbled after he took the fall for another officer years ago and lost his job. Vega ends up fitting in quite nicely to Cap’s family picture with his teenage daughter, Nell.

There are many key characters in this book that each give important bits of information, leading Cap and Vega down the path for answers. But Vega also remarkably can read characters well to know when someone is lying or holding something back.

This book was a great one and well worth the read. It was fun to read from the perspective of the private investigators and follow the case leads rather than from the perspective of the victims. It left you in the dark as to what was going on, why they were taken and by whom.

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