Book Club

The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel

“Welcome to Oz” because this Kansas home is nothing normal, where all the girls have either passed away or ran away. In this book, The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel, there is a house with a name, Roanoke, like a living, breathing person. And ticking off the family members by memory that lived here, they are gone, dead, dead, gone…but what caused these ‘Roanoke girls’ to all leave one way or another?

Lane Roanoke comes to this home, after a tragedy, and finds the truth about her family. It’s enough to make her run too, after only one summer. But her cousin, Allegra -who she befriended instantly during that summer stay, has grown up in that home and always stayed, no matter how bad the damage.

Upon receiving a call from dearest grandpa that Allegra too has now gone missing, a decade later, Lane is drawn back to this town and the Roanoke house to deal with her past, the summer she left behind like a bad dream, and her cousin’s mysterious clues. Lane refuses to allow herself to be the next ‘Roanoke girl’ to get sucked into this nightmarish setup.

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