Book Club

The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware is a story about 4 women, living separate lives, that have one thread that strings them all back together.

As teens they lived one wild summer together at a boarding school on the coast, escaping on the weekends to one of their homes where anything was allowed. One night they all took part in an act that would change the course of their lives and create the 4 women they are today.

As their past cannot stay hidden, Kate, Fatima, Thea and Isa all end up back at the Salten Arms to deal with the mistakes they made and face reality. But who’s mistake are they really dealing with? The whole town seems to think that they are still the young, reckless girls of their past. As the walls all come crashing down around them, the story comes out and the women realize what it is that really happened during their youth. Although – one of them knew the truth all along.

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