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For Every Woman Out There

I want to tell you about my personal (but amazing) experience with the Women’s Health Kit from DoTerra. To put is as delicately (and least TMI) as I can, I am going to use weather as the reference guide to my lovely monthly cycle. Not trying to gross anyone out.

I am always regular, no issues there. Once a month, for an entire week, it storms. Now the first two days of the storm it is painfully lightning, thundering, and raining cats and dogs. Shoot, it’s a darn near typhoon! For the rest of the week it just rains and rains and then the last two days of the whole week its lightly drizzling. 7 full days of no sunshine. Cramps, bloating, pigging out on sweets and comfort foods, the whole bit.

Last month, on the last day of my stormy, dreary week, I got my order of Phytoestrogen pills in the mail and began taking them. Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical and didn’t foresee my having a huge change in things. As I said, I am always so regular and never more than a day off from beginning my stormy week again that I assumed things were normal. I did however have some other issues that made me want to begin the Phytoestrogen pills (weight gain, hair loss, etc – all pointing at hormonal issues)

The very next month, two days prior to my next stormy week to begin, I got my next order in the mail of the full Women’s Health Kit, which includes the Phytoestrogen pills, the Bone Nutrient Pills and the ClaryCalm Monthly Blend (which smells HEAVENLY). So for two days before my cycle was to begin I had been adding in the Bone Nutrient Pills (preserving your bone mass and density is critical starting early) and the ClaryCalm on my pulsepoints. The first thing that I noticed was that my storm wasn’t thundering and lighting or raining cats and dogs. It was just a normal storm, like my typical days 3 and 4. No cramps and no desires to munch on everything in sight. I still had a little bit of bloat the day prior to the storm beginning and the day of the storm beginning, but nothing terrible. I thought that was awesome! But to top it off, it was going to get better. My storm only lasted for 2 days! Two full days later, I had no rain. Not even a drizzle!.

If you have PMS, horrendous cramping, irregular cycles, hormonal issues, are pre-menopausal, basically if you are a WOMAN, this kit will be a godsend! I even joked with my friend saying, although I can totally wait, I’m almost excited to see how my next month goes. If it is this easy again I am completely sold and telling every single female friend I know about it!

“Normal hormone levels influence a woman’s good health and emotional well-being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. doTERRA Women gently supports a woman through the menstrual cycle and helps to diminish the normal symptoms of menopause.* doTERRA Women supports healthy bones and heart as women age, while the essential oil blend provides temporary relief from heightened emotions related to regular hormone cycles in women. The doTERRA Women line of products provide natural support throughout the different phases of life.”

This kit includes: Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex, Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex, and Clarycalm Monthly Blend for Women. For more info on each item, click on their name. Or to view the whole Kit at once, click here.

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In our Dance Bag

We are headed out first thing tomorrow morning to our first competition of the year, Showstopper Regional competition in Sandusky,OH. We have had conventions, master classes, and busy dance schedules all year long with extra weekend practices here and there. But this weekend (and nationals in July) is what we have worked SO hard for all year round! As usual, when heading out of town on any kind of trip, I stress out about what I need to pack and if I will forget something vital. Dance trips are even more stressful.

You have all the costumes and their pieces, dance shoes, headpieces, hats (for some of my son’s classes), rack and rolls, makeup, glitter, jewels, endless hair products, safety pins, super glue, extra tights, clear nail polish, needle and thread, lotions, snacks, waters, studio jackets/gear, warm-up items, Bloch booties, and I am sure I am missing some other vital items. All of that on top of your normal travel items like: clothing to out to eat, swimsuits (since we are competing at the awesome Kalahari Resort and Waterpark, toiletries…you get the gist of that.

See what I mean? Super stressful. I always have to make a list of items as I think of them about a week before we leave because I know if I don’t write it all down, I will forget what I need to grab. The rack and rolls have been a lifesaver with storing most of their dance needs all in one place, especially since I have a dancer of each gender which means they are in completely separate changing rooms and areas. If you haven’t already invested in rack and roll for your dancer, I highly suggest you do. They were the “big” Christmas gift from their grandma this year and have been extremely helpful. I honestly couldn’t imagine this year without them since my 6 year old went from 4 costumes to 7 this year. Gamechanger!

But the reason I really started this post was to discuss some of the items I have begun taking with us on busy weekends and to conventions, and now to our first competition this year. Some of these items are things that you would not consider in the hustle and bustle of remembering those vital items that we talked about above. That list alone seems endless, right? But the below items have become essential to my kids to have with us, and they love using them. Our health during these trips is vital too, right? So read on to figure out what else you might want to consider packing for your busy little dancer and why you would need it. And at the bottom I will share a link to where you can find these items.

First off, the most important thing to me and my family is that all of the items discussed below are completely all natural, safe, purely effective, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. They can be used in place of the items we tend to grab at the store full of chemicals and fillers that are terrible for our bodies, especially our poor little growing kiddos. So here we go:

Deep Blue Rub Packets – This one is my favorite to talk about. Our Deep Blue Rub is amazing for before and after workouts for sore muscles. It is blended in a base of moisturizing emollients that leave your skin feeling soft, not greasy. And is a top choice of massage therapists and sports practitioners. If provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. I keep the big bottle at home for us to use throughout day to day for my basketball playing husband and uber-active children. Works on growing pains too! But these sample packets are perfect for a weekend getaway. They come in a box of 10 single-use packets that won’t leak in your travel bags! They are essential for your dance/gym bag or bathroom! Enjoy sharing the soothing blend with others at sporting events, the gym or on the go with these sweet little packets! And again, having two kids in different areas, I can stick a pack or two in each rack and roll and off we go!

On Guard – I love this protective blend to help kill the germs around us, and at dance the germs are ALL around us. I swear our entire studio came back from Tremaine Dance Convention with illnesses. Some were vomiting, some had terrible colds. Just too many kiddos in one area to not pass the germs around! On Guard is a powerful blend that contains natural and effective cleaning properties, protects against environmental threats and supports healthy immune system. The wonderful thing about On Guard is that it can be used topically, internally or even in our favorite household tasks such as laundry detergents, dish detergents, and counter cleaning, with no preservatives added! But my most favorite way to use On Guard on trips like this is to pack the On Guard Sanitizing Mist into my purse and both of their dance bags. They can continually mist their hands and sanitize all day long, as well as aromatically take in the beautiful, uplifting scent, all while preventing the spread of bacteria!

Breathe – Breathe is our respiratory blend, clearing airways and maintaining the feeling of easy breathing. This was not initially one I had thought of, but a dear friend told me how she used it on her daughter before their big cheer weekends and sporting events. She claimed that her daughter felt as though she was able to give more during her performances due to breathing better. My favorite way to incorporate this blend into our weekend is with our Breathe Vapor Stick. I just rub it on their chest, costume on, and onto the stage they go!

Cheer/Motivate – These two, in the touch roller-balls, are my most favorite scents to just wear throughout any day, so I always have these handy. During the days of competitions and conventions, rolling these on their pulse points and back of the neck, or taking deep breaths of these blends in can really promote feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, confidence, courage, belief and happiness. These counteract any negative feelings and doubt. Which, obviously, I do not need to explain why these would be beneficial to our awesome dancers before, and during, their stage presence.

Balance/Serenity (lavender) – I make a roller-ball, which I call Antsy-Pants, consisting of both Balance and Serenity. For dance weekends, these items are two-fold for us. IF you have an anxious or nervous dancer, these two will evoke feelings of balance and tranquility, calming their emotions, and lessening feelings of tension. If you do not have a nervous nancy, these are pertinent for a restful and tranquil nights sleep before their big day(s)! During the day for the nervous dancers I would suggest rubbing on the pulse points and back of the neck. For the best nights sleep I would suggest rubbing on the bottoms of their feet and putting socks on. And Goooooood Night!

Wild Orange – this last item supports healthy immune system and is uplifting to the mind and body. I suggest using it internally with just 1 drop in 4 oz of water. It also acts as a really nice flavor to their boring water bottles when they want a taste of something. Just be sure they are using a metal or glass bottle to drink it out of, because the oils don’t mix well with plastic bottles. Ello is my favorite brand of rubber-protected glass bottles (so no worries about shards of glass if you drop it!)

I hope that I gave you some ideas for items you might want to start bringing with you on outings or trips. These are all kid-approved and most importantly – safe! If you have any questions about these items or any other items from the website below, please feel free to shoot me a message or reach out via text/email. I am happy to help you find a natural and therapeutic-grade option for the issues that ail you or your family members.

And, if you are headed out to a competition this weekend too, or any other fun event – have a blast and break a leg!

Find the items listed above and more here.


Understanding your VIP Flex Ship Order


Flexship is the most convenient way to receive our products, and each qualifying Flexship ships free!

Each qualifying Flexship also includes a FREE product . It’s called Only For You, and you can’t them get any other way.

As a VIP Customer, we ask that you have two qualifying Flexship orders of $84 or more after your enrollment order, and we do not set a deadline by which they must be completed.

Product usage and needs vary from person to person. Some will want to order every month, while others don’t need it as frequently, especially if you’re taking advantage of our flash sale offers.

When you enrolled as a VIP Customer, you set a date for your first Flexship order.

Before it ships, you’ll receive an email from us. This gives you time to adjust what is included in the order.

Or, you can also push out your Flexship, up to 60 days at a time; there is no requirement to receive an order before you push the order again.

These two videos show you how to adjust the timing of your Flexship and the contents.

Thank you again for becoming part of the MONAT Family!


DIY Crafts at Home

Kid Customized Kicks

Are your kids that perfect combination of creative and stylish? Need a new, cheap rainy day activity that will keep them entertained for at least an hour, maybe more? Better yet, it’s an activity that you could do again and again without boredom ever creeping in!

A few weeks ago we had a bout of 3 rainy afternoons in a row. The hubs was already at the store and the kids were over watching the movies I had rented the day prior. With the pool and trampoline out of the question, I decided I was time to bring out the big guns and come up with an entertaining craft for them to focus on.

I quickly called the husband, hoping he hadn’t already left the store, and asked him for 2 items – a pair of white sneakers for each child and a large pack of colored sharpie markers (as our daughter refuses to color with any other kind and has dried our current stash out). The sneakers were a mere $3.97 per pair (in kid sizes and $5.98 per adult) and the large pack of sharpie markers was around $18.00 (but well worth it!).

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The kids were so excited when Daddy got home and I sat them at the table letting them know they could create their very own pair of original shoes! Design away they did and we ended up with some really fun and funky sneakers! They made sure to wear them that very night and show them off at dinner with the grandparents!

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The one thing you will want to be sure to do is take out the laces. I decided to join in with the kids and chose to leave my laces white. But my older two decided to color their laces individually as well. You really can create whatever you want! Which is super fun for them, and you!

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Check out the finished looks below, didn’t they do a great job? They certainly had a blast creating their own unique, custom-made kicks.

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After seeing how much fun the kids had, I decided to create a pair of my own. Check them out below!

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Why not create a pair or two of your own inspired and custom shoes? Use quotes, favorite images or even something super memorable. Mine were inspired by my peacock-themed wedding, my beliefs and my daughter (who LOVES flowers, dandelions and making wishes!). If you create a pair as well, please share them with me so we can see your creativity. You can share on my facebook page, tag me on instagram or even on twitter!

For the Foodie

Crispy Kale Chips

I love kale!

I love it in salads, steamed, especially in smoothies and most recently, during my low-carb/Keto diet, I have become fond of it as the perfect substitute for chips or popcorn, or any other salty or savory snack.

I snacked on a handful of these rather than popcorn during our Harry Potter marathon this weekend and imagined how good they would taste as “croutons” on a salad or alongside and sandwich even (lettuce wrap in my case).

I used an entire full 1 lb bag of organic kale, which produced roughly 8 servings of this salty, low carb (6 net carbs per serving) treat. If you are on a low carb or keto diet, not only does the carb count benefit you, but so does that salt for your electrolytes. Plus, sometimes I just want that crunchy snack and other than Wisps, you won’t find much of that on the low carb diet. Win, win and win!

So on we go with the recipe! Please note, this will make your kitchen odorous. I honestly did not mind the smell but my husband was NOT impressed!

Also, one addition I would add to this recipe (but did not this time around) would be shredded or grated parmesan, I can imagine that gives an even more savory taste! I would suggest grated over shredded and I would add it in during the oil process, I will note it below to be clear.

What you will need:

  • 1 lb bag of organic kale
  • 4 tablespoons of organic unrefined coconut oil, melted
  • Himalayan pink salt (roughly 1 tsp)
  • Black ground pepper (roughly 1 tsp)
  • Garlic powder (roughly 1 tsp)

What you will need to do:

Set the oven to 350 F and grease the baking tray. As I refuse to use cooking sprays (did you know they can get rust off your bike chain or bugs off your windshield? Many contain additives and GMOs – yuck!) I made sure to smear a bit of coconut oil across the pan.

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Be sure the kale is washed and dried. I am able to get my kale pre-shredded, but if you do not you will need to remove the center rib and stems from each leaf and discard. Cut or tear them into bite-size pieces. These will significantly shrink during the baking process so you can make them a little larger.

Place the kale into a large bowl (with the 1 lb bag, I had to do this in a couple of batches) and drizzle the melted oil over it and then massage or toss the kale around to get evenly covered. Now is when I would add in the grated parmesan next time as well. You can go ahead and toss all of the seasonings on now as well or do as I did below.

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Once coated, lay the kale out onto the baking tray in a single layer and top with pepper, salt and garlic powder.

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Bake the kale until crisp and the edges are slightly browned, roughly 12-15 minutes. Toss into a large bag or bowl and enjoy!

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Fabulous Finds

Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering

Jenn is the founder of Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering, a small business creating hand lettered goods. She lives with her husband and three kids in Newark, Ohio and is a believer in strong coffee. She wants to leave Christmas lights up all year, and could eat pizza for every meal. When Jenn isn’t chasing after their toddler- she loves date nights and laughing with friends. She is pumped seeing where God is leading Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering and the opportunities He’s providing in the future.

I came to know of Jenn because I work with her husband Corey in our local ER nine years ago – before he left for Cincinnati – and again for the past several years. Corey went to the same private school my son currently attends, which is extremely close-knit. Some of his friends are friends of my husband as well. He is the biggest supporter of his wife and gushes about her all the time. You can really tell when you talk to Corey that he could not be more proud of Jenn and her work.

I had run into Jenn at Real Deals in Granville,OH during one of their women’s nights out events and fell in love with her style and overall energy. There is something about a faith-driven, woman entrepreneur and mother that is wonderful at what she does that inspires the mother and woman inside of me. I love to multi-task and take on new art projects and to see someone be so successful at both, all while being a wonderful wife and mother, is so motivational.

The look and feel behind Jenn’s work is all the rave right now. It’s that vintage, customized, repurposed look and, most important, it is that item that you will give or receive that gives ALL the feels. The items she creates are gifts for literally anyone or any occasion. From graduation gifts to nursery rooms, Jenn can create you a one-of-a-kind piece for any special moment.

Enjoy the interview below and please visit her social media pages listed at the bottom. As a token to you readers, Jenn has created a coupon code that is $5 off any web purchase! (Use Code: mrsaugie)

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  1. When did you begin Cobblestone Road Lettering and how did you come up with the name?

Cobblestone Road started three years ago this July. I came up with the name because the house we lived in was set on the cutest little cobblestone street and I loved the idea that amidst all the asphalt and blacktop there was a remnant from the past with all it’s stories breaking through.  That’s a reflection of what we do here at Cobblestone Road- we look for places to help commemorate your story!

  1. What did you do prior to Cobblestone and what made you decide to take the jump and begin this business?

Since the birth of our oldest son, my primary job has been mama. I homeschooled the kids for a while, and then we had some hard circumstances happen that made it necessary for me to go back to work.  Having been out of the world of working outside the home for so long- I didn’t know what I would do.  I started substitute teaching in the same school district with the kids and would sneak lunches with them and drive them to and from school.  After being told enough times I should go for starting a small business doing lettering, Corey gave me one final encouragement to go for it!  Owning our own business has given us the same schedule flexibility along with doing something I’m so passionate about.

  1. What types of items do you currently offer and which are your top three most favorite you have done?

Many of our products are unique because they are created on repurposed and vintage items. I love taking items like vintage piano scrolls and old maps and books and finding fresh ways to use them to create pieces that have new purpose for people’s homes.  All of our items are also lettered by hand- never using vinyl or stencils- which makes it much more personal and easy to get a unique custom item for your home. The other pieces we create come from portions of my own story that other people resonate with- mugs, shirts, and paper prints that have phrases that are significant to me or have been meaningful in my own story- which other people also see value in.

One of my all-time favorite custom orders was for a woman who had recently battled cancer. She had brought a vintage wood piece and asked me to letter it with a Bible verse that carried her through her treatments.  When she saw the finished piece she got tears in her eyes, and so did I!  It meant so much that she trusted me with it.  We get to hear stories like this all the time and they are the most meaningful.  Stories of love, overcoming, sickness, comfort, and joy- we get to hear them and be trusted to create the reminders of them!

  1. You have been spotted at the Country Living Fair in Columbus and Real Deals in Granville. What else is on the schedule for you? Where can we see you? Do you have a shop or currently work out of the home?

All of our work is currently done out of our home- and boy is it crowded! We are scheduled to do several markets this summer, including Charm at the Farm and TWO Country Living Fairs this summer, along with the Vintage and Made Market in Lancaster.  We will definitely be back at Real Deals and have a really big announcement in the works as well (sorry, it’s top secret!)

  1. What has been one of your biggest challenges within your business?

Aside from the normal challenges of juggling three kids and a home-based business- anything that requires the left side of my brain is a challenge. This would include math, taxes, paperwork, measuring, spreadsheets…stuff like that.

  1. What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

Being the featured artisan by Joann Fabrics at the Country Living Fair last year was a pretty exciting thing for us, as well as traveling to Texas, Colorado, and Florida to teach workshops in the last year. Honestly though- getting the privilege of meeting the other business owners and customers we get to interact with is the most rewarding part. We have had the chance to work with the best people and most supportive community on the planet- and that’s something we don’t take lightly.

  1. Customization – you can literally, BEAUTIFULLY, write whatever we would like onto almost any type of surface, what has been the hardest item thus far?

Last summer I had to letter a quote on the bottom inside of a wooden crate. It was a really hard angle to get to, as the box was about 18 inches deep and I couldn’t brace my wrist on anything so it was really challenging.

  1. How has the Bible inspired you to not only take this leap but also in the items you create?

God’s word is amazing because it’s the only book you ever read where the author is present with you while you read it! It’s also unique because you can read the same verse years apart and learn something different every time, so it’s really an honor to get to share those words with the products we create.  We have constantly seen the Lord’s provision to guide this little business where He wants it to go, and that’s the most motivating factor there is!

  1. You have begun holding workshops, tell us what these entail and where we can sign up for the next one.

We do all sorts of fun workshops! We teach hand lettering, have make and take workshops and just started doing wedding workshops for bridal parties!  The best way to stay in touch about when we’re hosting them is to follow us on social media- and to grab your spots quickly because they sell fast.

  1. Tell us about your World Changer Campaign, what prompted this?

Our World Changer campaign is a way for kids to learn they can be world changers and fundraise for causes they’re passionate about. We love the chance to give kids a platform to do big things- and we have not been disappointed.  Being able to use our business and social media platform to empower young people to believe they can be used in big ways is one of my favorite things we’ve done.

  1. You certainly are an inspiration to other small business owners or women who may be wanting to begin their business. Who was your inspiration or muse?

There are so many times I feel inadequate and overwhelmed and it’s easy to get dragged down and discouraged when I begin comparing myself to others, or feel like I don’t measure up. My husband is not only my best friend but the most level head and encourager when I’m feeling down.  He really believes in this business every step of the way, and is a steady source of encouragement, support, and redirection to what is true when I forget.

Here are some of my favorite creations by Jenn:

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And here is one special design Jenn created with her children for an awesome purpose, check it out below:

“With all the heartbreak that happens in our schools these days it’s easy to get down about them. But there is also so much good that happens in them every day. Kids that show kindness to others, brave leaders, teachers who are invested, compassionate and brilliant, laughter, friendships, music, art and pizza day in the cafeteria (obviously)

For our kiddos last day of school I recruited my two favorite artists (my kids) to help me come up with an epic mural!

Three hours (and some awkward tan lines) later the school is all ready to welcome all those sweet little faces tomorrow.”

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Visit Jenn on her site Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering or stay connected on social media with her:

DIY Crafts at Home

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. But sometimes those tricky little bad dreams still come about. In order to get my daughter to sleep in her own room, we had made a dream catcher a while back together. It was a lot of fun so we decided to make another one this week and capture the moment so we could share with you how we did it.

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Dream catchers are created to catch the bad dreams at night. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear. Children sleeping under a dream catcher would thus be protected from nightmares. They have been a favorite for above a new baby’s crib even just as decoration.

You can create a dream catcher that looks authentic with natural found feathers and earth tone beads and strings. Or you can use any color scheme you like. I am all about intention, so as long as you make it with good intention, the purpose will have the same meaning. The dream catcher is a personal thing to you and what you choose to add to it reflects your meaning.

We had so much fun creating these and it gave my little one the opportunity to give her momma direction, work on her counting and colors all while feeling empowered. We headed out to the store to gather all of our supplies and I let her have free rein in this department. It was to be her dream catcher in and out. From the colors to types of additions she wanted. Hobby Lobby is our clear store of choice for any and all projects.

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Once home we laid out all of our items, plus some additional items we already had at home, to see what all we had to work with. Now, we don’t make our dream catchers the traditional way – with the suede scraps and tying them in a spider web fashion. Instead, for children, I found it is easiest to use a cross stitch circle hoop, cross stitch fabric and these awesome plastic needles (no ouchies for the babes!)

We start off by unfolding the cross stitch fabric and smoothing it out. Then you will want to tightly lay it in the inner circle of the hoop, widening the fastener on the outside circle so that it can hug the inner circle, then tighten it as much as possible. We use this metal part as our hook to hang the dream catchers on a nail once we have finished, so just remember that this will be the “top” of the dream catcher.

Next, letting the little one choose the first color, I threaded the embroidery floss through the plastic needle and made sure to tie a nice knot on the end. This way once she pushed the needle through the cross stitch fabric, it would stay put on the one side.

Then she picked out the exact beads she wanted strung on that particular piece of string. I helped to get the beads on and then she chose where she wanted to push the needle back through and back up again.

I decided, with the embroidery floss colors she chose, that threading each one through about 3 times would be plenty once we would add all the beads and feathers.

Here is how our back looked once we were finished with the treading and beading of all three embroidery floss colors she chose.

Next it was time to hang our beautiful feathers. I allowed her to pick out the colors she wanted and we ended up with seven to hang. This part was a little bit tricky so I handle most of it. I wanted the feathers staggered a bit so measuring out the length is not important here. Tie off each string and then poke through the back to the front, being sure to even space them out along the bottom rim.

My little one had fun pairing the perfect beads to go along with each feather selection while I worked on the string. Then I simply added the bead to each string and tied the other end to the feather. Lastly, I slid the bead on the end of the feather to tighten the tie I had made. (previously we just made a dot of hot glue and wrapped the floss around the end, but this tie-bead option worked just as well)

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The final touches were to add our beautiful flower to the top to help disguise the metal hook we would use to hang it, and just to give it some extra flare! We also threaded a few extra feathers into the overlapping yarn. While threading the feathers in, it is a good idea to also send some positive vibes into the dream catcher. You can makes wishes or just send positive vibes and comments out through the dream catcher and into the world.

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Check out her new dream catcher, she is super proud of it. It is a lot bigger than her first one too, almost as tall as she is! I think I’ll be making my own dreamcatcher next time, all natural colors with crystals secured in. Sounds beautiful, right? Stay tuned…

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Fabulous Finds

Mac & Mia

Being a mother of three children I fully suffer from the hassle of trying to shop in public. Let’s not mention the amount of times a year it’s needed as the children grow like weeds, at different intervals! I learned about this fabulous delivery shopping service that not only delivers quickly, but includes hand picked items by your personal stylist. The best part, you only have to pay for the items you would like to keep.

This is NOT a subscription service. You request a box when you’d like one. And you have the option to request specific items like: “wedding attire needed”, “favorite color is blue” or “stick with earth friendly attire”. It’s truly easy breezy and high quality clothing as well. Read more to learn all about Mac & Mia, their amazing perks and scroll all the way down and for photos of two of my adorable children wearing the outfits they received in their first boxes!

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Mac & Mia is curated unique styles from boutique brands around the world. The stylists have done the legwork so we don’t have to. That means we get more time to enjoy our children, discovering great brands and spend less time shopping.

Insider tips:


Once you’ve completed your child’s style profile (gender, clothing size, a series of 10 outfits that you decide if you like or don’t like, and preferred style), you’ll be introduced to your personal Mac & Mia stylist (if you don’t already know them)! Request your first box, then sit back and relax (i.e. try to relax). Just like Stitch Fix for us, ladies!


You decide how much you wish to spend!  Your box will have 6 to 9 items (and one accessory) with average prices of $35 each, but you only keep what you love, and send the rest back on us. You will receive $20 off just from using my link. So you’re in the black already!


A $20 styling fee is charged for each box we send, but if you keep two or more items you’ll get that $20 credited back towards your payment every time (including the first order, so a total of $40 if you use my link). And if you love and keep all your items you’ll receive 15% off your entire order!


What Is So Amazing?

The Deal: I’m from the south and I LOVE a great deal on high quality items! When I heard about the $20 sign up credit and the $20 styling fee being waived (if you buy 2 or more items), I was sold immediately. The least I could do was take a chance right?

Your Own Stylist: No chances needed. My personal stylist, Lisa Martin, and I have become Facebook friends even. I know that she understands my children’s style. And she gets busy immediately putting a box together suited JUST for my kiddos as soon as I hit that “request box” button! It’s nice to personally know her and how hard she works.

High Quality Materials: All the pieces that we received in our boxes felt very well made. We have a lot of Gap Kids clothing and I would compare the price and quality to Gap Kids, if not better! The stitching was tight, and the fabric was soft, yet not thin. Everything felt so nice and durable. The sizing was spot on as well, so no worries there. Silas received one tank that was a little roomy, but still…we have a few months before tanks are needed and lord knows he’ll grow some more!

No shopping: It is so nice to sit back on the couch and exercise your fingers while the kids wreck havoc on the household (LOL). But to not have to wrangle the youngest into a stroller, play hide-and-go-seek in the clothing racks with the middle and listen to the oldest complain about how bored he is. Now THAT is priceless! Plus, you aren’t even spending money yet. You get to decide on that later, after to get your Christmas-like surprises in the mail.

Shipping: Free shipping to you, free shipping back. IF for some reason you don’t LOVE some or all of the items that were sent to you, a pre-labeled return bag is in the box also! You don’t pay for any of the return charges.

No Subscription: There is NO membership fee, NO monthly requirement. In fact, no requirement at all. If you want to purchase just one box for $20 to see what it is all about, they’ll never hassle you again. You aren’t jipped into anything. If you decide, “man I want some awesome summer clothes for the kids” (like I just did), you can hop back on, login and request a box, all at your leisure. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Is There A Downside?

The only con is just the upfront $20 styling fee. If you decide you don’t like anything that comes, you are out that fee. But honestly – these stylists are awesome and the clothes are such high quality – you will love everything  you receive. Or at least 2 of the items, which gets you your $20 back! So, not much of a con if you ask me!

Final Decision?

It was definitely worth it. And I will definitely by requesting more boxes in the future. It was fun to go through with the kids and with our beach vacation coming up, they are almost all set on their wardrobe! I received my box in literally 2 days. That is insanely fast shipping! I now know I can purchase a box and let my stylist know it is for wedding apparel, color coded family photos or a Christmas gathering. I know I will more than likely love at least one of the outfits, and it will come before the week is out! Most importantly, it won’t be that generic outfit from that big department store that every other little girl will be in.

If you do decide to try Mac & Mia, click here to get that first $20 credit! You’re stylist will be Lisa and she’s amazing! She’s very efficient, quick to answer questions and super helpful!

Let me know if you try it, I would love to hear about or even see what you received!

Now, to what you all have been waiting for….here are two of my adorable children modeling their new outfits

(please be patient while these load, they are worth the wait):


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The above Hatley skirt and the below Hatley leggings were my daughter’s favorite pieces of the box. Above you will also find an adorable top from Babyface, and below my favorite top (so stinking soft, it was crazy!) by Chaser.

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The above dress is by Splendid, and below is Joules. The Splendid dress had an awesome inner arm panel that was perfect for coverage and gave a very feminine sleeve. And we LOVED the deep pockets on the Joules dress, perfect for her many lip glosses and mini Hatchimals!

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This Seahorse tank by Minymo was also a fave because, well… sequins – and the split bottom on the back is too cute!

And I cannot even say enough how perfect this romper by Pink Peony Kids was. Leighton received skates for her birthday from her awesome Aunt (and refuses to ever take them off). This was the perfect find and I am not sure Lisa could ever know how perfect of a pick this was! And how cool is that strap, the tie doesn’t have to be undone, it just buttons – genius!!

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These pom pom shorts by Bitz Kids are adorable and SO in style, we paired them back up with the Babyface tee. Too cute. Pockets on almost everything sent which is a great find!

Leighton’s accessory for this box was this cute bow hair-tie from Lali. Isn’t it adorable?!


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So above was our favorite outfit from the box. Those shorts by Joules are made of sharks, maybe that is why they are KILLER! Best score of the box! The tank is from Egg Baby and the awesome sunglasses, those are from Teeny Tiny Optics. Isn’t he the cutest?!

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This tank from Tiny Whales is so perfect. It is a little roomy, but we have a few months yet before our beach vacay. To be fair we also have a few months before he turns three (we ordered 3T). The shorts above and below are from Miki Miette, super soft and comfy and stretchy. These are made of every mother’s dream material, probably better even than LulaRoe (LOL). The adorable Octopus shirt by Minymo below is such a nice thick quality, yet soft. It was Silas’ favorite pick.

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Above is the perfect “night out” outfit for our beach vacay. Palm Trees everywhere in this super dapper Mayoral duo.

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This slub Henley shirt from Splendid is so soft and the color blue is one I’m unable to capture on camera – but so so pretty, and again very comfy and soft! So important in the toddler stage!

Below, last but certainly not least is a fun and colorful tee from Toobydoo. Again, the quality of this shirt was on point – so soft and well-made!

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We had so much fun receiving these adorable outfits and loved each and every one. We can’t thank our stylist Lisa Martin enough and cannot wait to do more business with her in the near future. We know (but still hope) that you will love your items as well when you use this link to get set up with her as well. Enjoy and please share your thoughts and photos in the comments below!

Book Club

Welcome to the Club

Professional Reader

1st Rule: You don’t talk about book club.

2nd Rule: You DO NOT TALK ABOUT BOOK CLUB. (kidding, please talk about it)

3rd Rule: If somebody is behind, you leave them. (go at your own pace)

4th Rule: Only books from the list. (kidding, please comment below other great books you’d like to read)

5th Rule: Only one book at a time.

6th Rule: No shoes, but a glass of wine is required.

7th Rule: Books will go on as long as you need to.

8th RULE: If this is your first time at BOOK CLUB, you HAVE to read.

Well that was fun. Clearly I love movies as well. But to be serious, if you love to read, I would love for you to join my book club on Facebook, called Women, Wine & Words. We love psychological thrillers the most and try our best to read two or three books per month. If you don’t care to join on facebook, you can tag along reading my brief reviews here.

So, grab a glass of my favorite Peach Moscato and snuggle in for a great book.

Be sure to share below in the comments: what you are reading currently, what you would like to read with us or what your favorite wine is! I am always looking to try out new wines and never discriminate!