So Many Gifts for You!!!

So I really don’t even know where to begin. Basically December is going to be full of gifts for you! There are so many ways for you to get some amazing products for free, just read below.

So the first way that you can get free product is to sign up as a VIP customer. VIP customers always get a free product of the month in their Flex ship orders. December’s product of the month is a Super Moisture Masque. But during December all new VIP customers are going to get an additional free surprise item!!

In addition to earning those two free products as a new VIP customer you can also pick one of my gifts to you from the image below. Be sure to announce your gift choice on my Facebook post, so that we know that that gift is claimed. I will then reply to your comment on the post with your prize!

The next way to get some free products is to sign up to be a Market Partner. During December Monat is giving not only the new Market Partner, but also the Market Partner that signed them up, the Rejuvatrio. The Rejuvatrio consists of our Rejuvenique oil, Rejuvabeads and the brand new Rejuvamist! This trio of items, as well as the rejuvamist itself, are both so new that they’re not even available in the shop. Definitely don’t miss out on this great offer for you both!

In addition to that sweet gift from Monat, new Market Partners will also receive a gift from me! Simply choose which present below is yours and claim it. Be sure to do so on my Facebook post so that we can see what gifts are left. I will then reply to your comment with your prize!

And I didn’t forget about my current VIPs! You guys also get gifts if you place an order during the month of December. Same as above, make sure you go to the appropriate Facebook post and claim your gift in the comments beneath the photo and I will reply to your comment with your prize.

Here’s to hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season! As we go through the month of December times can get hectic and people can be grumpy towards one another. It’s easy to let the hustle and bustle get the best of us. But just remember giving to others can bring you Joy. Be kind and sometimes just a smile is a gift enough!



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