Keratin, Brazilian Blowout or Monat?

I absolutely love the fact that I no longer need to use a straightener and my dry time is literally cut in half. Monat makes your hair so healthy, soft, shiny and full of moisture! Your hair will be more manageable and will style just the way you want it to.

Everyone who took advantage of the flash sale two weekends ago are going to know exactly what I mean. They got some of my most favorite styling products for half of the cost! I cannot wait to see how they are enjoying their blow out cream and rejuvabeads especially!

With minimal use of any heat or styling tools, your hair just gets healthier and healthier.

Keratin treatments/Brazillian Blowouts vs Monat

With MONAT, we do NOT need Keratin or Brazillian Blowouts. Whenever we want straight hair, we get it with Monat Hydration System and a simple blow out.

Instead of expensive Keratin treatments (mostly with chemicals that overtime cause brittleness) or Brazillian Blowouts (with formeldehyde, a known carcinogen) try MONAT (botanically based). Monat easily PENETRATES the HAIR, adding essential moisture to strengthen from the inside, while providing a smoothing, shine-enhancing protective film on the outside.


Keratin does NOT replenish the hair using the same oils as what the body produces like what Monat does.

  • Because of the molecular structure of the Keratin, it doesn’t absorb well and can build up on the hair and overtime cause dryness and brittleness and does not straighten curly hair. It’s not made to do that.
  • Keratin is a protein component – it simply causes the frizz and unmanageability to be tamed.
  • Keratin treatments don’t detox any build up (chemicals from treatments, products, pollution, waxed and plastics, etc) out of the hair. It does the opposite.

Monat does not do that. Monat is made to restore hair to its most pure place using Hydrolyzed Wheat.


The main chemical responsible for the making of the hair is formeldehyde. A known carcinogen, it is especially dangerous when it’s in a gas form– exactly how it’s applied by stylists, using 450 degree flat irons. That steam coming off literally can kill you…

Stylists are starting to refuse to do that service, no matter the price tag. Also, it’s a chemical service, don’t be fooled– it will damage your hair!

  1. It’s about $250, plus tip!!
  2. It lasts about 3 months
  3. It’s the huge craze, BUT we can save you money and give you a healthier option!
  4. Full of harsh chemicals!!!

MONAT uses Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

The advantages:

  1. It’s a gluten-free naturally-based plant protein and has a totally different molecular structure.
  2. Easily PENETRATES the HAIR, adding essential moisture to strengthen from the inside, while providing a smoothing, shine enhancing protective film on the outside.
  3. Because it is water-soluble, it will never build up and cause damage.

How do you get your hair sleek and smooth? Do you resort to treatments with chemicals? When you’re tired of that and ready to go to a natural and permanent fix, let Monat, our amazing blowout cream and I help you make a difference within your hairs’ life.

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