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Simple KETO Jambalaya

Low carb or KETO foods are all the rage right now. I have several friends that have been doing this KETO lifestyle and have had such significant results in weight loss and energy boosts. I find this diet to be easy because you can still have some savory, delicious foods without breaking the bank in regards to carbohydrates. To learn what KETO is visit this awesome blog post here. (This blog also has many other awesome posts with information about health and beauty – take a look around while you are there!)

I have the yummiest form of a simple KETO jambalaya for you! It is lacking in the rice and beans because those are too high on the carb count. But you can add some peppers to it if you’d like for an additional mere 4 net carbs per pepper. And you can add chicken as well (0 carbs) if you need some extra protein for the day. But to keep the calories low and the protein count lower for KETO, I just stuck with two meats – sausage and shrimp.

In place of the rice and beans I went with radishes. I chose these because they are one of the lower carb vegetables and when cooked just right, can have the same type of starchy consistency of rice and beans. Radishes are also a great option in place of potatoes as well! They can be cooked several different ways, baked, sautéed, roasted, mashed…you name it. Click here for an awesome loaded radish recipe!

First I took two bunches of radishes, cleaned them up and quartered them. Toss them in a pot of water, lightly salted, and boil for 7-10 minutes.

My favorite type of sausage to use for jambalaya is Kielbasa sausage. Slice it up into whatever size you please but I tend to think that 1/4 inch is good enough and cooks through the best.

While the radishes are boiling go ahead and put some olive oil in the skillet and begin to cook the sausage.

I used some basic seasonings, you can choose whatever you’d like. But below is what I chose to use throughout this recipe. An additional seasoning you could use would be fresh garlic or garlic powder, but I felt this ended up very flavorful and would not change a thing in the future.

Season the cooking kielbasa.

In the meantime I prepared my shrimp. I de-veined, detailed and rinsed them off well.

Go ahead and drain the radishes once they have boiled for about 7 minutes. Be sure to get as much water off of these as possible before adding into the hot oil.

Once the kielbasa is about halfway done, add in the shrimp. Shrimp doesn’t take nearly as long to cook as the sausage. Isn’t this starting to look delicious! Feel free to add in some more season if you feel necessary.

The radishes can be added in for the last 7-10 minutes to cook all together. I find it easiest to put them right into the middle (hottest spot) of the pan. To cook them up more quickly for a few minutes and then stir them in with the rest.

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Once the 7-10 minutes has elapsed you end up with the finished product, doesn’t it look scrumptious?!

For me, it wasn’t quite green enough so I decided to add some asparagus to the meal for only 2 net carbs per serving! I find it easiest to stick to my diet if I meal prep for the week. So I separated this into 5 servings and packaged it up to go!

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Makes 5 servings, 450 cals each. 10% (6 grams) carbs/ 71% (35 grams) fat/ 19% (21 grams) protein


  • 1 pkg (14oz) Kielbasa sausage
  • 1 bag (12oz) shrimp
  • 2 bunches of radishes (roughly 25 small)
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • Himalayan salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Omaha Steak brand meat seasoning to taste
  • 30 stalks of asparagus

For another awesome KETO meal or appetizer using kielbasa check out this bacon bomb kielbasa recipe. Let me know if you tried this recipe, or one of the others tagged in this post. How was it? Are you doing the Keto, or a low carb diet? Let me know all the info!

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