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Redneck Turtle Burger

Blast from the Past post:

With my father-in-law’s birthday coming up this Monday the 16th, I figured what more perfect time than now to share what I had made him a couple years back. We still talk and laugh about this Turtle Burger today.

Now this will be so far from the healthy recipe posts that I will typically post here, but it was definitely fun to make and fun for my father-in-law to eat!

My father-in-law could be the Ohioan Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty…and his 3 sons, including my hubby, could easily be Willie, Jase and Jep (except one of them is much more like Si than one of Phil’s boys)!

When my hubby realized that we were going to be vacationing at my in-law’s during my father-in-law’s birthday we decided to do something fun for him. While my father-in-law and hubby took our son fishing for the first time that day, my mother-in-law and I prepared a birthday dinner and dessert, using all his favorite foods!

I decided since he’s such a hunting fan, and a major meat lover (and not a fan of bread at all), we should make him what we call a “Redneck Turtle Burger”. We used a pound of ground beef, 3 hot dogs and a bunch of bacon.

First we took two of the hot dogs and made the necessary cuts and slices to create a toe-like impression on each “foot” of the turtle and cut them in half.

Then we took the third hot dot and cut the “tail” into the typical pointy tail of a turtle.

We formed the full pound of beef into a patty around the head and tail hot dog and then stuck the half cut hot dog “feet” into four holes we made with our finger.

Lastly, we cross-weaved thick sliced bacon all around the “turtle” to make a shell. Piece of advice, maybe don’t use thick cut bacon because it is a lot harder to cook through this way. We actually ended up having to take the bacon off and cook separately. But if you use a thin sliced bacon, you should be fine.

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He was surprised when he saw what it dinner was!!

We grilled it up and he enjoyed it, without a bun, especially since he doesn’t like much bread! Plus it was far too big to attempt to put on a bun! We served it up with my homemade pasta salad, some baked beans and my mother-in-law’s amazing peanut butter pie to top things off! Redneck style! Happy Birthday Dad!

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