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Pretty Vibes Jewelry

Mandi Ramsey, of Pretty Vibes Jewelry, and I met back when we both lived in Charlotte, NC. We had several mutual friends and would run in the same circles. She had gotten a degree in Marketing at the Art Institute of Charlotte and has always loved fashion. Now we both live in the Columbus, OH area, both hold careers in the healthcare field and we even share the same wedding anniversary month!
Another thing we have in common is a love for yoga, crystals and pretty things. She has taken this to a creative level and has created her business, Pretty Vibes Jewelry. I am more than ecstatic to share her adorable designs with you. Pretty Vibes Jewelry is made with only the purest materials known for their ancient healing properties. Each unique piece is made specifically for you and saged prior to being sent out.

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So, as a treat for you all, I interviewed Mandi so you could get to know her and Pretty Vibes Jewelry even better. And an even bigger treat – Mandi has given you all a special discount from her shop for your first order from her, using code MELSTRIBE at checkout. So read on and when ready, take a peek at what she has to offer. Remember, she can be contacted to create a special piece for you. Enjoy the discount and please share your beautiful pieces once you receive them!
1. When did you begin Pretty Vibes Jewelry and what made you decide to begin this business?
My journey with Pretty Vibes actually started when I was pregnant with my daughter Riley. My yoga practice got me interested in crystals and energy, and when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get something I could wear every day to remind me to stay positive about my pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before my son was born, and the idea of being pregnant again, although exhilarating, also terrified me. I searched Etsy and other shops for metaphysical jewelry, and couldn’t find any pieces that were both functional with the crystal properties, and stylish at the same time. Having studied fashion in college, and owning a smaller sized online boutique in the past, I thought it would be fun to start making my own pieces. I wore my first piece, (my pregnancy bracelet that I named “The Riley” after my daughter) all the way throughout my pregnancy and even through delivery. Its such a special piece to me in that it helped calm my nerves with my pregnancy and also birthed Pretty Vibes.
2. What types of products do you offer? What do these products mean to you?
All of my jewelry pieces are hand made by me. I feel like that, along with the healing properties of the crystals, and the Reiki energy I infuse every piece with, are what make my pieces special. I offer a variety of gemstone pieces, and also take special orders. I’m also branching out and going to be adding stamped jewelry with positive affirmations to my collection soon.
3. What are the importance of crystals and how can they be used?
This is my favorite question! I actually have a whole blog post about this on my website. Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn’t believe in crystals! They are truly one of those things that you have to experience to really believe in their magic. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their metaphysical properties. Each crystal does something different and vibrates at a different level. Rose quartz, for example, is the stone of the heart. It is a subtle energy that heals emotional wounds, and can also aide in self love, and fertility. Each crystal vibrates on its own special level which makes it unique. By wearing a crystal, not only are you in line with the vibration of the crystal, but your also reminded to focus on your intention for the crystal. This is why crystals are often used in meditation or yoga. When you set a clear intention, it is automatically magnified by having the energy of a crystal in your presence. This is also why I love wearing crystals in jewelry form. Every time I look at my wrist and see my crystal bracelet, I am reminded of my intention, and what I want to attract into my life. When I was pregnant with Riley and wore my rose quartz bracelet, I said over and over “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mama” It was a visual reminder to say my positive mantra.
4. What is the easiest way to cleanse your crystals and ground yourself?
It is SO important to cleanse your crystals! The easiest way of doing this is to just lay your crystal in the window sill of a full moon. You can also sage them (I do this before I package all my jewelry pieces so they are ready to go for my customers) Some people recommend soaking them in salt water or leaving them in the sun, but I have found that this can actually damage some delicate crystals so I stick with putting them in the moonlight and saging.
5. How do we go about finding out which chakra may need unblocked? How do we go about doing that?
This is a great question too – I am actually in the middle of doing an educational series on each chakra in my newsletter. Chakras are the energy centers of the body and when they are blocked you can experience both physical and emotional pain. For example, if you are often anxious, your root chakra may be blocked and you need to ground yourself, and say an affirmation such as “I am safe. All is well, and I am well.” You can also wear grounding gemstones such as labradorite or onyx. To find out what chakra is blocked you really need to tune into your own energy. What is bothering you? What emotion are you feeling? Every emotion is connected to some part of the body, so thats the easiest way to figure out where you need to do your work.
6. Tell us – which are your favorite crystals and why?
Rose quartz is my absolute favorite, because not only is it pretty, but I have such a connection to it from the start of my business. I have had so many customers tell me how much this crystal has transformed their lives when they were pregnant, and it just fills me up every time I hear that feedback. I also love lava stone, which is the black stone with small little holes in it that you use to diffuse essential oils.
7. What are your plans for Pretty Vibes in the next 5 years?
I have big plans for Pretty Vibes! In the next five years I want to be in a couple more yoga studios, and boutiques around Columbus. I also want to expand my line, and spread the word on how these jewelry pieces aren’t just pretty little things that you can add to our outfit, but that they can really help you. My ultimate goal is to help people grow in their spiritual practice, and realize just how magical the world really is, if you have a little bit of faith.

Stay tuned with Pretty Vibes Jewelry for all their updates and information:

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