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Not That I Could Tell – Jessica Strawser


Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser is a mystery regarding a missing woman and her children. Where did they go? What happened? Are they alive? These are all questions that her friends and neighbors asked internally and to one another.

She was last seen at a quaint backyard get together with her friends and neighbors. This small neighborhood, located in small town Yellow Springs, Ohio, is full of a handful of strong, close women and mothers. But in this small town, how is it that her friends could know so little about her?

One of her neighbors gets a little too close for comfort while another has been too close to a situation like this before. Even the children of this small little cul-de-sac are affected, one digging around for her self-created “neighborhood newspaper” that will create issues for more than a couple people on the street.

Place yourself within this small community to help figure out what happened and why. Strawser did a great job of telling this story and connecting dots between several relationships and characters.


Side Note: Yellow Springs, Ohio has recently come up on my radar, prior to reading this book, and I intend to take a day trip here to document it for the blog under my Fun With The Fam category. It is a small “hippie town” in which the comedian Dave Chappelle lives. It is home to lots of natural springs and hiking, as well as some awesome small owned shops and cafes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book was based out of that small little town. Look for my blog post on this small town soon!

DIY Crafts at Home

DIY Hair Color For Kids

Want to live like the “kool” kids? At least for 2-4 weeks?

Ever since watching the Disney Descendants series my kids have both been begging me to let them dye their hair. My daughter wants her hair like Uma (a mixture of black white and blue) and my son wants his hair like Carlos (white and black).

Now, they are only 5 and 9 so clearly I am not going to ruin their hair with a permanent dye. However, I am all about allowing children to express themselves and as long as I can assist them in a non-permanent, non-damaging way, then I will allow it.

Unfortunately my son attends a pretty strict private school so he was unable to take part in this. But I did tell him that this summer we could do his hair. But my daughter won’t start school until this Fall so she was able to be my happy-as-can-be guinea pig for this at home DIY.

Her hair is a dark blonde these days so I didn’t want to put any black in it. Instead we settled on pink, purple and blue. I will show you how we did her hair and then I will tell you what I would have done differently to get more dramatic results.

Now you can find two different ways to dye your hair with Kool-Aid on You-Tube:

  • The first way we found was by boiling water, stirring in the packet of color and then dipping the ends of the pieces you’d like colored into a bowl of the mixture for about an hour. This didn’t sound like the best option for a 5 year old, plus we didn’t want to dip-dye, we wanted to color pieces or sections.
  • The second way we found was to use conditioner and a Kool-Aid/hot water mixture. This was best used for all over coloring or streaks of color. Plus you don’t have to physically sit over a bowl for an hour.

We went with the second option as we wanted streaks of colors and it would be easiest for my 5 year old to let it set in. First we went to the store and picked out our colors and a white conditioner. Once home, we got her into old clothing.

We boiled the water and placed the packets of color into separate containers. If you are doing an all over color, 3 packets is plenty to use. But since we wanted multiple colors, we used 2 packets of each color in the containers.

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While the water was boiling I sectioned off my daughters hair so we knew exactly what the game plan would be. I definitely didn’t want all-over color and I also didn’t want hardly any color on the top layer of her hair. So I sectioned her hair into 4 layers and we worked on the 2nd and bottom (4th) layers. This way it was more of a peek-a-boo affect.

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Once the water had boiled I added just enough to each container so that the packet of coloring would dissolve, but not too much. You don’t want it to be runny. (I made this mistake with the purple)

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Then you can add conditioner to each container, mixing it very well. Again, you don’t want any runny liquid left over. This will create a paste like mixture and you are ready to apply.

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I used a new toothbrush to help me since I didn’t want to use my fingers as this will dye your hands very easily. (Gloves would have been perfect to have had on hand). I also pre cut pieces of foil to help me keep the dyed pieces separate from the rest of her hair, this way there would be no leakage or uneven sections of color.

Since we were using multiple colors I took the bottom section and made 5 pieces with it. We went in a Purple, Pink, Blue, Pink, Purple pattern. For the second layer we had about 5-6 pieces and took the pattern Pink, Purple, Blue, Purple, Pink. that way the colors would be nice and mixed.

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After she let the foil sit on her head for an hour, I decided to do just one small section on the top layer of her head for each color. I put this on about halfway into the hour, so it would hopefully be very muted. (She was also super frustrated with the foil so I went ahead and took them out in hopes the pieces we had covered wouldn’t leak much onto the other strands.)

After an hour, we washed her hair – be very careful not to use shampoo at this point. You won’t want to shampoo until a full day after. But really rinse out the conditioner mixture very well so there is no grainy residue. Then we blow dried to see how the color looked.

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The purple we can’t see at all. I believe that is because I accidentally put too much water into that container from the beginning. The pink isn’t as vibrant as expected. And the blue is also very muted, but the most noticeable. These pictures really don’t do the color justice. But it is just a barely there hint of color.

For a 5 year old, this is perfect. I think that we should have put plastic wrap on and slept in the mixture overnight for the best results. I have also heard that red comes out very well, so maybe our choice of pink wasn’t the best. But I wanted a sweet light look, nothing too vibrant.

It was a great trial run however until school gets out next month. And then we will likely redo it on both my oldest, overnight. But for now, my sweet 5 year old feels like a big girl and the barely there blue streaks are adorable in a sweet punk-rockish way.

Fun With The Fam

Aha! Museum

A friend and fellow mommy in the moms group I’m in introduced me to a fun little place called Aha! Museum when she suggested we all take an outing to go play with our kids. It’s one of the perfect play-places during the cold and rainy season to get out and get some energy spent all while being educated!

Aha! Museum is a 4000 square foot adventure space featuring more than 25 exhibits and activities for children ages 0-7 (and older). Children can learn as they engage in their most important “work” of play.

Messy Art Mondays are always fun! But there is also Let’s Get Messy Tuesday, Story Time Thursday, Fun Art Friday and Science Saturday. Along with your $6/person admission to the museum on any day, your child can participate in any of these. Children 6 months and younger are free. See their calendar for details! They are open year round but have been one of our favorite locations during the cooler months for sure.

We always have such a blast going and playing with all of their educational and creative exhibits:

  • Water table (for babies)
  • Water table (bigger kids)
  • Train table
  • Laser harp
  • Pretend and play Veterinarian
  • Pretend and play market
  • Pretend and play Pizza shop
  • Fire engine
  • Ball mountain
  • Fishing boat
  • Lego/duplo table
  • Pretend and play bank
  • Theatre & costumes
  • Build a house
  • Plop zone
  • Garden zone
  • Healthy choices
  • Moon sand
  • Honeycomb
  • Art station

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I also love that they promote breast feeding by having a nursing station set off in the corner with a nice rocking chair, pillows and privacy divider. This was much appreciated when I had my babies in tow when we would go play.

They do not allow any wifi access for good reason – to promote that adults supervise their children and to encourage they engage in imagination and play as well.

You can connect with them on their Facebook page. Or you can follow them on twitter @AHAChildren.

Fun With The Fam

Columbus Children’s Theatre

If you are looking for a fun time with the kids, why not introduce them to live theatre? I have taken my children to several shows and we never leave disappointed!

Taking your children to the theatre is another way to inspire them and enrich their lives, creating a well-rounded background for them. And Columbus Children’s Theatre, located in the vibrant Short North district of Columbus, is sure to keep their attention! I think that it is easier for them to pay attention when they see other children their age acting out a lot of the parts. Plus most of the plays that are performed are familiar stories for the children.

You can purchase tickets by the show or by the season. You can even get your children into theatre a step further by signing them up for several types of Academy acting classes, taking part of a child writing project or letting them audition for a part in an upcoming play! The ages of the actors range from mostly children to some adults. The shows are kept light-hearted and humerous, it is fun for all ages!

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Have an autistic child? CCT is thinking of you too! Columbus Children’s Theatre is proud to provide Sensory Friendly Performances for audiences with autism or other sensory sensitivity disorders. CCT is participating in A project of Arts & Science Council, empowers you to give directly to local arts, science and history projects you are passionate about. Nonprofit organizations post projects that are in need of funding. You help bring them to life with a gift.

CCT also provides sign language interpretation! Bring your child to Columbus Children’s Theatre for a fun, unique afternoon and to show them many different aspects of the theatre world and the world they live in!

Check out the current season shows and the upcoming shows to plan your visit. There are daytime, evening and weekend showings available to suit your needs. And they always stay after to have a question and answer or talk about their character’s personalities on stage. So when that grumpy old witch is mean to the princess, don’t fret – all will be explained and the audience will be told afterwards why that is the wrong way to act.

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Become a fan on facebook , instagram, youtube and twitter to see updates about upcoming shows and auditions!

Also, because this theatre is in the Short North, it gives the perfect opportunity to make a date day with your little one. Walk them over to the North Market right down the block to try foods from all areas of the world, making this outing quite the educational and entertaining one!

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Fabulous Finds

Healing Heart Designs

On my journey of selling the “magic” shampoo, Monat hair care line, I met an amazing and inspiring woman. We worked a Wine & Wash together and realized we had a lot in common. We are both moms, work in the healthcare field (I actually work with her husband directly) and clearly both love Monat. We became Facebook friends and that is when I became aware of her home business Healing Heart Designs.

I watched her post cute, customized t-shirts among many other items and quickly became a big fan. I tend to flock towards businesses that can customize items for their customers because – I mean let’s be real – we all want something that is original and designed to our liking, right? I have also watched her give back to the community or to special organizations with her business, and I think that is just awesome!

To give you guys a little bit more info about Brandi and her homegrown business, I interviewed her. Below you’ll find our interview and some photos of the items she most recently has made, or is most proud of. I hope that you enjoy and the next time you need a shirt for an event or just for fun, that you’ll shop small business and chat with Brandi. You can visit her Etsy Shop or connect with her on Facebook.

Here she is with firefighter, farming husband. Aren’t they adorable!?

When did you begin Healing Hearts Design and what is the story behind this business?

Healing Heart Designs started February 6, 2016 on our twins, Aiden and Parker, 1st birthday. They are the reason Healing Heart Designs began. We lost them at 32 weeks gestation to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. After they passed I found comfort in sewing and began making handmade baby blankets and burp cloths for friends. After several months of hearing how much their little bundles of joy loved their handmade gifts, friends and coworkers were requesting items to give to their loved ones as gifts. So Healing Heart Designs was born!

What did you do prior to Healing Hearts and what made you decide to take the jump to begin this as a business?

I am also a pediatric nurse, and have been blessed enough to be able to work part time for the last 3 years. The support of my husband, as well as the encouragement of my family and friends is what really helped my decision to turn this into a business.  The idea of doing something I already loved to do and being able to spend more time with our first son while doing it was very appealing.

What all types of products do you currently offer?

Currently t-shirts are a hot commodity in my shop. I also continue to sew baby blankets and burp cloths, and decorate wine glasses and coffee mugs. I am constantly expanding items based on what customers are requesting or showing interest in.

Which three items have been your most favorite?

Only three, that’s tough! I have had so many recent orders that I’ve absolutely loved. I really enjoyed the Santa’s Cookies and Milk set I did last Christmas probably because I’m still a kid at heart and the magic of Christmas each year gets more fun with having children. The group of Disney shirts I made for my good friend for their family vacation last fall was a lot of fun. There were 9 of them and I made each of them a personalized shirt for a day at a Disney park and then one for their cruise.  I guess if I can only pick 3, then my last one would have to be the team shirts I made for a group walking for the March of Dimes. It was an honor to be asked to make them, and it’s been fun designing them with my customer.

I know that you like to do events and popups, when and where can we expect to see you stationed next?

As of now, the next event I’m scheduled for is Matilda’s Heart Vendor and Craft Fair July 21st at First Community Church in Buckeye Lake, OH.

What has been one of your biggest challenges within this business?

One of the biggest challenges is getting your name out there, as I’m sure you can relate. Finding my niche and what people are looking for.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

You mean other than being highlighted in your blog? Oh man, this year has been amazing so far by the grace of God. I have been working with 3 boutiques for the last couple of months, 2 are local in the Newark area (My Mariah’s Boutique and MiahBella Boutique) and the other one is in Maryland (BellaBlu Boutique).

What are your plans for Healing Hearts in the next 5 years?

Continued growth. With my business only being 2 years old, it’s still a baby. Turning a hobby into a business has been wonderful, and if I could continue to be home more and more with my family it would be amazing. As far as new products, I’ve always been intrigued by embroidery so possibly incorporating that into some of that in the future. As well as t-shirt quilts and memory blankets/quilts made from baby clothes.  The possibilities are endless really, I guess. I love incorporating new things into my business and hearing what type of items my customers are wanting. As always wherever God leads me with my business I will be blessed and pray I can bless others along the way.

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Check out Healing Heart Designs on Etsy Shop or on Facebook.
Fun With The Fam

Inspire and Educate – CoSi

The Center of Science and Industry (CoSi), in Columbus, OH, has been a family favorite of ours since my oldest was almost 3. At that time he was into dinosaurs and could tell you what every single dinosaur’s name was – even those long, tricky ones – and whether they were a carnivore or herbivore! We find that while the Columbus Zoo is a perfect sunny day option, CoSi is the perfect for a cold or rainy day. But they do have an outside exhibit on site to enjoy also.

There is so much to see at CoSi that it is hard to fit it all in during one day trip, but if you get there early and stay as long as you can – you’ll see plenty! Don’t worry about lunch, there are several food choices if you forgot to pack. And a few locations to choose from to eat at.

There is something for everyone from Space, to Sea, to Energy, Gadgets, Progress and much more. As you go from one exhibit to another there is so much to learn and see and it is all interactive, which keeps the children tuned-in and excited. There are also a few exhibits that change every few weeks – right now they have the Silk Road and Dinosaurs – again! Tickets to CoSi, including all their additional things, such as movies, can be purchased on their website ahead of time, or at the guest check in station during your trip, at any time.

A couple weeks ago my oldest and I were able to enjoy a day together on a field trip to CoSi. It isn’t often that he gets my undivided attention these days, being the oldest of three. But we had a blast and even stayed longer than his school did so we could try to see it all.

Our day started by learning about aerodynamics, innovation and how energy works. Ashur loves to make paper airplanes and fly them through the house so this was one of his favorite moments of the day. Daddy is quite the paper airplane architect, so Ashur had a blast testing his abilities and seeing what changes made them fly further.

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Next we went to my personal favorite exhibit, the Ocean. There are plenty of water activities here including (not pictured) a submarine under water that the kids can go into. I can’t wait to return with my younger two as I am certain this will be a huge hit for them as well.

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After that we popped into a motion simulator ride where they chose to see a Dinosaur show. We also spent some time in the Gadgets room (be careful this room is a super FUN one that could take up the whole day if you let the kids choose – same with little KidsSpace for younger children, which lives beyond it’s name, it is a vast space) and outside in the Science Park.

We made our way up to Progress which is another favorite of mine. It is like walking back through the streets of the late 1800’s and then the 60’s. It is amazing to see what a huge difference 60 years can make, especially for the kids who haven’t seen hardly any of it before.

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We watched a 3D movie in the National Geographic Giant Screen theatre called Amazon Adventure. These movies are always a fun treat. They tend to have 3-4 different options of movies to choose from during the day, with several screen times for each.

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When the movie was over we went through the Life exhibit and played around. There is a lot of interactive information in this room about our bodies. This one may be a little bit creepy for the younger crowd. But my 9 year old was just fine.

We played a quick Space game while we waited on our Planetarium show, Starry Night Live, to begin, which was our last stop for the day, and easily our favorite. It was also nice to end the day in reclined seats looking up at the stars. Ashur really enjoyed this as much as I did. I told him he should become an astronomer and study space when he grows up. He didn’t realize that he wouldn’t be forced into space to do so (LOL).

This brought me to the realization of how educational and inspirational of an experience this could be. There are so many different topics and industries to learn about. It is not only fun, but something here could inspire anyone to fall in love with a particular topic – to be amazed. Enough that it could literally dictate what kind of career they may choose in the future or what type of classes they want to take in college. I think every time we go to CoSi we learn something new, which is why getting a membership is definitely a smart choice. Just like at the Zoo, we know that we will go a handful (if not more) times throughout the year, so when we add up the cost it’s always the best choice to purchase a membership. If that is out of the question for you, keep an eye here for their discounts and promotions.

I thank you for reading about our fun day and hope that it provokes you to take your child/children. I always take our trips to locations like these during the week because I am thankfully blessed enough to have weekdays off. And I know that there won’t be huge crowds of people like there are on the weekends. It causes me a lot less anxiety, especially when I have all three kiddos on board. If you go, please leave us a comment below and let me know which exhibit was your favorite or what your little scientist was inspired by.

Book Club

The Woman In the Window – A.J. Finn

The woman in the window by A.J. Finn is a thrilling and mysterious story about Dr. Anna Fox and her many neighbors.

Dr. Fox is a psychologist who has had a trauma that left her with many life-altering issues of her own, one of which is the inability to leave the comforts of her home.

A lover of black and white movies and a good game of chess, Dr. Fox is often left alone with her thoughts and memories. When her life becomes it’s very own version of a Hitchcock movie everyone, including herself, begins to wonder if she’s living in reality or a horrific made up drama.

This story will have you guessing until the final few pages how damaged Dr. Fox’s mental state may be. Who is real? What is real? Has she just been a lonesome spy? Is she looking out for the protection of her neighbors? Find out for yourself in this psychological thriller.

Book Club

The Family Next Door – Sally Hepworth

The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth was captivating tale about 3 women who are neighbors on a cul-de-sac. Fran, Ange and Essie are all mothers and wives but that is the only things they have in common. Each of these women are a little bit different in personality but vastly different in the secrets they each keep.

A new woman, Isabelle, comes into the picture and shakes things up – especially for Essie. Barbara, Essie’s mother and yet another neighbor on the cul-de-sac might hold the biggest secret of all, which Isabelle is ready to share with the world.

Between infidelity, sexuality and paternity questions, these women all have a lot to filter through and deal with. The underlying tone of this book is to be content with the life that you are given. Some of these women have taken or are taking their blessings or lives for advantage. Some have been dealt an extremely rough hand. But in the end, this book makes you want to appreciate what you have. But also stand up for yourself and be appreciated in return.

Secrets are all out in the open in the end. Families are united, reunited or maybe even divided for the best.

This book was unlike our normal psychological thrillers, but it was full of drama, much like a daytime soap opera. It was definitely well received and we intend to read more from this author. Hope you all enjoyed something a little different!


Fabulous Finds

Pretty Vibes Jewelry

Mandi Ramsey, of Pretty Vibes Jewelry, and I met back when we both lived in Charlotte, NC. We had several mutual friends and would run in the same circles. She had gotten a degree in Marketing at the Art Institute of Charlotte and has always loved fashion. Now we both live in the Columbus, OH area, both hold careers in the healthcare field and we even share the same wedding anniversary month!
Another thing we have in common is a love for yoga, crystals and pretty things. She has taken this to a creative level and has created her business, Pretty Vibes Jewelry. I am more than ecstatic to share her adorable designs with you. Pretty Vibes Jewelry is made with only the purest materials known for their ancient healing properties. Each unique piece is made specifically for you and saged prior to being sent out.

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So, as a treat for you all, I interviewed Mandi so you could get to know her and Pretty Vibes Jewelry even better. And an even bigger treat – Mandi has given you all a special discount from her shop for your first order from her, using code MELSTRIBE at checkout. So read on and when ready, take a peek at what she has to offer. Remember, she can be contacted to create a special piece for you. Enjoy the discount and please share your beautiful pieces once you receive them!
1. When did you begin Pretty Vibes Jewelry and what made you decide to begin this business?
My journey with Pretty Vibes actually started when I was pregnant with my daughter Riley. My yoga practice got me interested in crystals and energy, and when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get something I could wear every day to remind me to stay positive about my pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before my son was born, and the idea of being pregnant again, although exhilarating, also terrified me. I searched Etsy and other shops for metaphysical jewelry, and couldn’t find any pieces that were both functional with the crystal properties, and stylish at the same time. Having studied fashion in college, and owning a smaller sized online boutique in the past, I thought it would be fun to start making my own pieces. I wore my first piece, (my pregnancy bracelet that I named “The Riley” after my daughter) all the way throughout my pregnancy and even through delivery. Its such a special piece to me in that it helped calm my nerves with my pregnancy and also birthed Pretty Vibes.
2. What types of products do you offer? What do these products mean to you?
All of my jewelry pieces are hand made by me. I feel like that, along with the healing properties of the crystals, and the Reiki energy I infuse every piece with, are what make my pieces special. I offer a variety of gemstone pieces, and also take special orders. I’m also branching out and going to be adding stamped jewelry with positive affirmations to my collection soon.
3. What are the importance of crystals and how can they be used?
This is my favorite question! I actually have a whole blog post about this on my website. Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn’t believe in crystals! They are truly one of those things that you have to experience to really believe in their magic. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their metaphysical properties. Each crystal does something different and vibrates at a different level. Rose quartz, for example, is the stone of the heart. It is a subtle energy that heals emotional wounds, and can also aide in self love, and fertility. Each crystal vibrates on its own special level which makes it unique. By wearing a crystal, not only are you in line with the vibration of the crystal, but your also reminded to focus on your intention for the crystal. This is why crystals are often used in meditation or yoga. When you set a clear intention, it is automatically magnified by having the energy of a crystal in your presence. This is also why I love wearing crystals in jewelry form. Every time I look at my wrist and see my crystal bracelet, I am reminded of my intention, and what I want to attract into my life. When I was pregnant with Riley and wore my rose quartz bracelet, I said over and over “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mama” It was a visual reminder to say my positive mantra.
4. What is the easiest way to cleanse your crystals and ground yourself?
It is SO important to cleanse your crystals! The easiest way of doing this is to just lay your crystal in the window sill of a full moon. You can also sage them (I do this before I package all my jewelry pieces so they are ready to go for my customers) Some people recommend soaking them in salt water or leaving them in the sun, but I have found that this can actually damage some delicate crystals so I stick with putting them in the moonlight and saging.
5. How do we go about finding out which chakra may need unblocked? How do we go about doing that?
This is a great question too – I am actually in the middle of doing an educational series on each chakra in my newsletter. Chakras are the energy centers of the body and when they are blocked you can experience both physical and emotional pain. For example, if you are often anxious, your root chakra may be blocked and you need to ground yourself, and say an affirmation such as “I am safe. All is well, and I am well.” You can also wear grounding gemstones such as labradorite or onyx. To find out what chakra is blocked you really need to tune into your own energy. What is bothering you? What emotion are you feeling? Every emotion is connected to some part of the body, so thats the easiest way to figure out where you need to do your work.
6. Tell us – which are your favorite crystals and why?
Rose quartz is my absolute favorite, because not only is it pretty, but I have such a connection to it from the start of my business. I have had so many customers tell me how much this crystal has transformed their lives when they were pregnant, and it just fills me up every time I hear that feedback. I also love lava stone, which is the black stone with small little holes in it that you use to diffuse essential oils.
7. What are your plans for Pretty Vibes in the next 5 years?
I have big plans for Pretty Vibes! In the next five years I want to be in a couple more yoga studios, and boutiques around Columbus. I also want to expand my line, and spread the word on how these jewelry pieces aren’t just pretty little things that you can add to our outfit, but that they can really help you. My ultimate goal is to help people grow in their spiritual practice, and realize just how magical the world really is, if you have a little bit of faith.

Stay tuned with Pretty Vibes Jewelry for all their updates and information:

Book Club

Two Girls Down – Louisa Luna

Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna is a story about sisters that go missing from their mother’s car while she runs a quick shopping errand, basically every mother’s worst nightmare. With the help of two private investigators that combine their efforts, and the local police department and the FBI, every lead is investigated to attempt to find these two girls.

Two other open missing girls cases from several years prior end up giving clues to what may have happened, what tied these cases together and who may have been at hand. Private Investigators Alice Vega and Max Caplan team up in this terrifying tale in an effort to save these two girls, while also solving the mystery of the other missing girl cases.

Vega and Cap’s relationship is a strange one that develops into something a bit more in time. Vega is a strong, fierce character that doesn’t put up with any bull****. Even though, she has soft spots that crack her from time to time and she comes to find she doesn’t mind being vulnerable with “Cap”. Cap is an ex-officer whose marriage crumbled after he took the fall for another officer years ago and lost his job. Vega ends up fitting in quite nicely to Cap’s family picture with his teenage daughter, Nell.

There are many key characters in this book that each give important bits of information, leading Cap and Vega down the path for answers. But Vega also remarkably can read characters well to know when someone is lying or holding something back.

This book was a great one and well worth the read. It was fun to read from the perspective of the private investigators and follow the case leads rather than from the perspective of the victims. It left you in the dark as to what was going on, why they were taken and by whom.