NEW Products – Colour Enhance Line


COLOUR ENHANCE is specially formulated with botanical antioxidants and MONAT’s exclusive plant-derived color enhancing ingredient blends for various hair shades. They overcome dulling tones that cause natural, color-treated, highlighted and bleached hair to look drab, aged and lackluster, to reveal softer, brighter, more vibrant hair color while helping to moisturize, provide UV protection and promote healthier hair.

  • Great for any hair type, color treated or not. Colour Enhance works perfectly well with all types of hair. And if you have color treated your hair, Colour Enhance will give your chosen shade a little extra oomph!
  • Non-staining formulation is safe. Because Colour Enhance uses plant derived blends of botanical extracts and phytopigments, there is no risk of color staining. The effective ingredient impart soft tones, not bright colors.
  • Perfect for everyday use. Each Colour Enhance shampoo works great on a daily basis. And because the enhancing benefit is temporary, you’ll want to use it regularly.
  • It’s all about the highlights. The Colour Enhance line isn’t designed to change the color of your hair. In fact, the name of the product says it all. These shampoos and conditioners enhance the current color of your hair (natural or not).
  • Perfectly Platinum will enhance the lighter hues while toning down yellow and orange gold tones in the hair. Brilliant Blonde brings out golden highlights while augmenting natural golden highlights and removing residues and build-up so blonde looks shinier and brighter. Red head and Brunette girls can both use our Beautiful Brunette set because it includes chestnut colour tones.

Beautiful Brunette

Perfect Platinum

Brilliant Blonde

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