Millennial Moment

Very honored to have been interviewed for this amazing blog!

Was even included in their Holiday Gift Giving Guide, during the holidays.

Ashley is a multi-talented hustler of many trades, excelling at them all! She has one of my most favorite blogs ever, promoting and inspiring women entrepreneurs. She also has many amazing and health-conscious recipes and tips to try.

My favorite part of the interview was when we discussed what exactly inspired me to take the leap with my business, my goals and my inspirations.

To read the interview or to check out her awesome blog and read about other creative and amazing women, gain some awesome wellness advice, learn new tactics to keep yourself motivated towards your goals or discover some wonderful beauty secrets – just click on the links above. This girl legit has it all!

To get in touch and keep tabs on Ashley:

And check out our blow out cream – it blew her away!

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