Mermaid Challenge

Long hair, don’t care?

Who’s up for a challenge?

The Mermaid Challenge is 3 months long, and starts on December 1, 2017.

One purchase should last the entire challenge.

There is also a giveaway at the end of each month to whomever gets the most votes on their progress pic. In the end we are all winners with gorgeous hair!

Contact me to get added to this challenge!

Check out this 2-month difference!
Not only is the shine incredibly better, the length is a drastic difference! You’ll LOVE MONAT!

Rules and prize info:

? No hair extensions allowed (for obvious reasons ?)
? each contestant must place at least 1 order during (to start) the challenge (or have already placed a recent order)
? must use Monat products
? A day 1 photo (back view) must be submitted to “Before” album on December 1st. (Don’t need the text)
?A month 1, 2, and final photo must be posted to corresponding albums on Jan 1st, Feb 1st and March 1st.
? Not a rule, but it helps if the same shirt is worn during photos to really see the difference.
?Within the first week post to induce yourself: how long you’ve been using Monat, what hair type you have and which system you use.

? Winners of the month 1 and 2 photo comparisons will win an item of my choosing ?
? Winner of the final photo comparison will win a system of their choosing! ? WOOOAHHHH

? I would like at least 10 contestants in the challenge, so PLEASE share with friends and family! The more the merrier!

? If you don’t have an order in yet or need immediate products, let me know – I have plenty at home I’ll sell at VIP pricing. If you need help deciding which system would be best for you get in touch with me ?

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1 month progress winner: Jenny C

2 month progress winner: Jenny C!

3 month grand prize winner: Jenny C!!

Congrats ladies! Join us on our next challenge

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