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Being a mother of three children I fully suffer from the hassle of trying to shop in public. Let’s not mention the amount of times a year it’s needed as the children grow like weeds, at different intervals! I learned about this fabulous delivery shopping service that not only delivers quickly, but includes hand picked items by your personal stylist. The best part, you only have to pay for the items you would like to keep.

This is NOT a subscription service. You request a box when you’d like one. And you have the option to request specific items like: “wedding attire needed”, “favorite color is blue” or “stick with earth friendly attire”. It’s truly easy breezy and high quality clothing as well. Read more to learn all about Mac & Mia, their amazing perks and scroll all the way down and for photos of two of my adorable children wearing the outfits they received in their first boxes!

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Mac & Mia is curated unique styles from boutique brands around the world. The stylists have done the legwork so we don’t have to. That means we get more time to enjoy our children, discovering great brands and spend less time shopping.

Insider tips:


Once you’ve completed your child’s style profile (gender, clothing size, a series of 10 outfits that you decide if you like or don’t like, and preferred style), you’ll be introduced to your personal Mac & Mia stylist (if you don’t already know them)! Request your first box, then sit back and relax (i.e. try to relax). Just like Stitch Fix for us, ladies!


You decide how much you wish to spend!  Your box will have 6 to 9 items (and one accessory) with average prices of $35 each, but you only keep what you love, and send the rest back on us. You will receive $20 off just from using my link. So you’re in the black already!


A $20 styling fee is charged for each box we send, but if you keep two or more items you’ll get that $20 credited back towards your payment every time (including the first order, so a total of $40 if you use my link). And if you love and keep all your items you’ll receive 15% off your entire order!


What Is So Amazing?

The Deal: I’m from the south and I LOVE a great deal on high quality items! When I heard about the $20 sign up credit and the $20 styling fee being waived (if you buy 2 or more items), I was sold immediately. The least I could do was take a chance right?

Your Own Stylist: No chances needed. My personal stylist, Lisa Martin, and I have become Facebook friends even. I know that she understands my children’s style. And she gets busy immediately putting a box together suited JUST for my kiddos as soon as I hit that “request box” button! It’s nice to personally know her and how hard she works.

High Quality Materials: All the pieces that we received in our boxes felt very well made. We have a lot of Gap Kids clothing and I would compare the price and quality to Gap Kids, if not better! The stitching was tight, and the fabric was soft, yet not thin. Everything felt so nice and durable. The sizing was spot on as well, so no worries there. Silas received one tank that was a little roomy, but still…we have a few months before tanks are needed and lord knows he’ll grow some more!

No shopping: It is so nice to sit back on the couch and exercise your fingers while the kids wreck havoc on the household (LOL). But to not have to wrangle the youngest into a stroller, play hide-and-go-seek in the clothing racks with the middle and listen to the oldest complain about how bored he is. Now THAT is priceless! Plus, you aren’t even spending money yet. You get to decide on that later, after to get your Christmas-like surprises in the mail.

Shipping: Free shipping to you, free shipping back. IF for some reason you don’t LOVE some or all of the items that were sent to you, a pre-labeled return bag is in the box also! You don’t pay for any of the return charges.

No Subscription: There is NO membership fee, NO monthly requirement. In fact, no requirement at all. If you want to purchase just one box for $20 to see what it is all about, they’ll never hassle you again. You aren’t jipped into anything. If you decide, “man I want some awesome summer clothes for the kids” (like I just did), you can hop back on, login and request a box, all at your leisure. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Is There A Downside?

The only con is just the upfront $20 styling fee. If you decide you don’t like anything that comes, you are out that fee. But honestly – these stylists are awesome and the clothes are such high quality – you will love everything  you receive. Or at least 2 of the items, which gets you your $20 back! So, not much of a con if you ask me!

Final Decision?

It was definitely worth it. And I will definitely by requesting more boxes in the future. It was fun to go through with the kids and with our beach vacation coming up, they are almost all set on their wardrobe! I received my box in literally 2 days. That is insanely fast shipping! I now know I can purchase a box and let my stylist know it is for wedding apparel, color coded family photos or a Christmas gathering. I know I will more than likely love at least one of the outfits, and it will come before the week is out! Most importantly, it won’t be that generic outfit from that big department store that every other little girl will be in.

If you do decide to try Mac & Mia, click here to get that first $20 credit! You’re stylist will be Lisa and she’s amazing! She’s very efficient, quick to answer questions and super helpful!

Let me know if you try it, I would love to hear about or even see what you received!

Now, to what you all have been waiting for….here are two of my adorable children modeling their new outfits

(please be patient while these load, they are worth the wait):


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The above Hatley skirt and the below Hatley leggings were my daughter’s favorite pieces of the box. Above you will also find an adorable top from Babyface, and below my favorite top (so stinking soft, it was crazy!) by Chaser.

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The above dress is by Splendid, and below is Joules. The Splendid dress had an awesome inner arm panel that was perfect for coverage and gave a very feminine sleeve. And we LOVED the deep pockets on the Joules dress, perfect for her many lip glosses and mini Hatchimals!

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This Seahorse tank by Minymo was also a fave because, well… sequins – and the split bottom on the back is too cute!

And I cannot even say enough how perfect this romper by Pink Peony Kids was. Leighton received skates for her birthday from her awesome Aunt (and refuses to ever take them off). This was the perfect find and I am not sure Lisa could ever know how perfect of a pick this was! And how cool is that strap, the tie doesn’t have to be undone, it just buttons – genius!!

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These pom pom shorts by Bitz Kids are adorable and SO in style, we paired them back up with the Babyface tee. Too cute. Pockets on almost everything sent which is a great find!

Leighton’s accessory for this box was this cute bow hair-tie from Lali. Isn’t it adorable?!


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So above was our favorite outfit from the box. Those shorts by Joules are made of sharks, maybe that is why they are KILLER! Best score of the box! The tank is from Egg Baby and the awesome sunglasses, those are from Teeny Tiny Optics. Isn’t he the cutest?!

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This tank from Tiny Whales is so perfect. It is a little roomy, but we have a few months yet before our beach vacay. To be fair we also have a few months before he turns three (we ordered 3T). The shorts above and below are from Miki Miette, super soft and comfy and stretchy. These are made of every mother’s dream material, probably better even than LulaRoe (LOL). The adorable Octopus shirt by Minymo below is such a nice thick quality, yet soft. It was Silas’ favorite pick.

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Above is the perfect “night out” outfit for our beach vacay. Palm Trees everywhere in this super dapper Mayoral duo.

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This slub Henley shirt from Splendid is so soft and the color blue is one I’m unable to capture on camera – but so so pretty, and again very comfy and soft! So important in the toddler stage!

Below, last but certainly not least is a fun and colorful tee from Toobydoo. Again, the quality of this shirt was on point – so soft and well-made!

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We had so much fun receiving these adorable outfits and loved each and every one. We can’t thank our stylist Lisa Martin enough and cannot wait to do more business with her in the near future. We know (but still hope) that you will love your items as well when you use this link to get set up with her as well. Enjoy and please share your thoughts and photos in the comments below!

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