Book Club

Losing Brave – Bailee Madison & Stefne Miller

This story involves twin sisters, Payton and Dylan, in a small town. Everyone knows everyone, so when one of the Brave twins goes mysteriously missing – someone has to know something, right? The one who knows the most might be closer than the Braves think.

Once you get into this book you realize that the Brave twin isn’t the first, or the last, local girl to go missing near this town. Is she still alive or has she been killed? What is the motive? Who could do such a thing?

The trauma caused her to forget but, as the first year goes by, the remaining sister gets closer and closer to figuring out what happened in that bus station bathroom. She also gets closer to finding out who she really is. Taking on a new persona and collecting all the information on the missing girls cases, she leaves behind her Bubblegum-Barbie lifestyle to get down to the facts and help solve her sister’s case.

Losing Brave by Bailee Madison and Stefne Miller will leave you second guessing even your closest friend or neighbor.

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