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Katie Read Designs

I am part of a large group of fellow moms on Facebook. We are all from, or have ties to, the central Ohio area. Most of us, or our husbands, grew up together. We connect to get advice on many levels and sometimes we even have small outings and get together with or without our children. I really enjoy this group so much and want to thank Amy, our dear leader or who started the group so many years ago now. Such a great idea!

Many of our members have found creative ways to work from home so we can make our own schedule, be our own boss, and most importantly – spend time with our children!
One of our members and one of my good friends now, Katie Read, has a business – Katie Read Design – that has just skyrocketed! She is doing so well and it’s obvious why, her bags are adorable! She creates all sizes of handbags including large diaper bags, camera bags, dance bags and clutches. She takes pride in her bold and unique fabric patterns. Below are a few of her items shown in her Etsy shop.

I had my daughter’s dance bag made by Katie and it was so much fun to choose from the fabric swatches she showed me. She even added sweet, little, personal touches upon my request.

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Katie has recently taken to perfectly printed dresses for little girls. These are so sweet and innocent and have the best amount of fabric for that graceful twirl every little girl performs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts making adorable little boy outfits too, since she’s had her sweet little boy. Hint, Hint Katie!

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Katie is from Granville,OH and graduated with a degree in residential interior design and fashion merchandising from Ohio State University. She then went on to be a technical designer with Abercrombie & Fitch. With the knowledge she learned at A&F she finally decided to follow her life long dream and start her own business! And what a success it is! I hope that the next time you consider getting a new bag, you will chose an original, handmade design from Mrs. Katie Read!

Check out her website here.

“Like” her Facebook page here.

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