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Into the Water – Paula Hawkins

There have been very few novels that I have read that required me to map out the characters on a separate paper to keep track of the relations and story line, past and present. But this was one of the few. There were so many characters introduced in the first handful of pages that I would have been completely lost without mapping them out. Having the paper helped me to reference the who and the why for the first several chapters until I had memorized the relationships.

That being said, having so many characters within this book is exactly what made it so good. There were so many players involved that it was unclear which motive would be the one to explain the end result.

The town in this book had a history of mysterious deaths or potential suicides, all revolving around one specific area of the town, named the Drowning Pool. Initially charged by the death/drowning of a witch many moons before, there was something about this body of water that drew people to it. But no worries, there is no hocus pocus in this story. Just the stories of several lives intertwined until a tangle happens and disaster strikes. Or several tangles.

Follow the story of Jules and Lena as they try to discover why their loved one killed herself OR who killed her and why. And as they discover the answer, answers for two other deaths are uncovered as well.

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