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Gypsy Life Coach

Kessley McCormick is a Certified Life Coach who is obsessed with what she does. She is a master in helping women become expert decision makers and achieving their Life Purpose through self awareness and intuition. She has all the skills of a professional Life Coach, but also has been blessed with the special gifts of Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Psychic Empathy.

This woman is a rockstar. She has put together amazing women retreats and master classes. She also has a wonderfully entertaining podcast available, read more about it below!

I have personally received a session by Kessley and it was filled with amazing insight. It’s like talking to your absolute best friend, she is as sweet as can be. If you are long distance she will have you send her a photo of both of your palms and walk you through what each nook and cranny of them mean. I chatted with Kessley to ask her a few questions so I can provide you all with more information about her, what she does and can what she provides. She’s a superstar with a lot in store for her future, make sure you follow her on your favorite social media accounts – links below!

You are always doing so much – tell us, what all services do you provide currently?

“I am a very productive woman! And it’s really my love of creating and my purpose of healing that helps drive my work! The services I am currently offering are Intuitive Coaching Sessions which incorporate all of my skills as a Licensed Life Purpose Coach and Spiritual Coach and my gifts of a Claircognizant and Clairsentient. I also offer a Palm Analysis that helps to explain who you are at soul level. This service also reveals places you may need to heal that will help end cycles and patterns that are keeping you from success in a certain area and will give you a high vibe boost! I also offer Goddess Readings. This is a fave of my clients but will be only available to the public for a little while longer. I am discontinuing this service in July 2018, although it will still be available for package holders.”

What was it that prompted you to finally make the jump and leave your medical profession to go “full-time” with your passion?

“My medical profession was a blessing. It taught me so much about myself, my healing work, and where I was supposed to be. It really lead me to my Life Purpose. I was pushed more then prompted to leave due to a horrific car wreck. However, the timing was divine. I had just graduated from WCI with my first Coaching Certification!”

When did you first realize what special gifts you have?

“I realized at a young age that I knew things to be true even though I didn’t have all of the rationale to explain the how or why I knew. My gifts are strong because I practice them daily by simply listening to my intuition. When I started taking clients in my coaching business I would immediately know things, sense or feel energy around them and even be able to tell with some patient’s physical ailments. Denying these gifts were no longer an option!”

This travels up your family line, right?

“My mothers side of the family is Native American Indian, although there has been some confusion on whether they were Cherokee or Shawnee. My great great grandmother was born with a “veil” over her face. It is a piece of foreskin that is attached over the face and can be removed easily. Traditionally, this symbolizes someone who will be able to foresee the future.”

Clairsentient, claircognizance and psychic empathy….what do all of these mean?

“The short answer to these questions is Claircognizance is clear knowing Clairsentience is clear sensing due to heightened intuition. These gifts show up in a number of different ways for me. Pictures, smells, feeling or sensory, and words! Psychic empathy also has many different levels but I use this very carefully because when I do I will take on the energy around these ailments. Mostly I use this gift for Chakra Cleansing Season and in meditation or occasional body scans at the beginning of each session with clients. This is helpful and my clients love the healing property of this gift!”

Tell us all about your podcast and what readers can expect from it – I absolutely am LOVING it by the way!!

“My podcast Intuitive Bombshell is a blast! This is the place I am the most raw and share many stories from my life as well as magical insight on how to help my listeners stay motivated, inspired, and confident.”

You even have had a book published – tell us should we expect more from you in the future?

“I am working on an E-Guide on manifesting that is going to be so phenomenal. It incorporates many new ways to help you manifest everything you want. I am also working on a signature program called High Vibe Recovery that is going to help those who feel stuck, low vibe, and hopeless achieve everything they want in life. They will be working with me for 12 weeks and I am hoping to launch that in late August. There are a number of ways to keep up with my future programs or connect. I am also going to be launching a You Tube channel as well!!!”

Snap: twistedgypsyklm
Website: www.thegypsylifecoach.com


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