Can’t sleep!
I’m giddy with excitement!

You know your company is growing at lightning speed when you have to move into a bigger distribution center again because you outgrew the current one in less than a year!

We are going from 4 truck bays to over 10. We are also looking for another distribution center in another part of the country to get ready for global expansion in 2018 and to handle the shipping of 40,000+ orders a day very soon! (We ship about 20,000 a day now in the U.S. and Canada.)

Folks, we will be a billion dollar company soon! Do not miss jumping on this bullet train. Please reach out if you’re curious to learn more about Monat Global’s anti-aging hair-care company. I am forever grateful for this opportunity, what it has given to my family, and what it is doing for SO many other families.

Jump on this train with me. Amazing and generous company, wonderful products that help everyone and support teams to help you along the way!

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