Fun With The Fam

Granville Golfland

Sometimes I need some one on one time with my little man and we run out of things to do. He loves movies as much as I do so we tend to go there a lot, and he really gets a kick out of going to Wendy’s and dining in to eat, get a frosty and toy. But I try to mix it up a lot and take him to somewhere different.
With it turning quickly into spring, I foresee us going back to this location very soon. The goldmine is Granville Golfland, located right off SR 16 in Granville, OH. Ashur isn’t the best little golfer in the world but he sure loves to play! And let’s be real, that is all that matters, right! Surprisingly (for Ohio) this location is open year round! I guess they go out and brush all the snow off – if you are willing to risk frostbite.

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Before the heat of summer arrives and once it is gone, and the cool weather sets in, we enjoy a couple rounds of putt-putt. Some days he beats me (below was his hole-in-one reaction – priceless) and some days I beat him, but its always a fun time to go and enjoy some one on one time together and chit chat as we putz around (pun intended). Strengthening the hand-eye coordination is a plus, for us both! He enjoys picking out the colored balls and using his short orange putter – and telling mommy what color stick and ball she gets. So bossy!
It’s also a great place for a play date – since there is a playground area right next door!

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