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With football Sundays nearing an end, and the big show on February 4th, I thought there bwould be no better time than now to share my snacks for all the guys in my life.

Warning: these are delicious and high in calories, you will not stop at one or two.
If any of my husband’s friends could say one thing about me it’s that I love to cook for them. I love to plan out what new recipes I’m going to try and I always make way too much and send them home with plenty of leftovers. It probably helps that they are almost all single and are self proclaimed “fat boys” that will eat a lot! I love to hear their compliments on my cooking, especially since my hubby is so picky he doesn’t eat many of the recipes I make.
One evening in particular I knew we were having our best guy friends over to watch a basketball game and I decided to make something extra cheesy and yummy, finger food that you could dip. So I came up with these bad boys!

The items on the left are roast beef and provolone, on the right pepperoni and mozzarella – all of them wrapped up in perfect little croissants.

These are seriously some of the easiest things I’ve ever made!

Roll out the croissants, lay a piece of provolone cheese and a couple slices of roast beef down and wrap them up! I had some simmering au jus as the dipping sauce for these puppies.

For the pizza flavored kind: roll out the crescent rolls and layer about 9 pepperonis along the wide end of the roll in 3 rows (4/3/2) then place a mozzarella stick along the wide end and roll up tight. For these I topped them off with Italian seasoning and served up with a side of pizza sauce! Marinara would do the trick too.

My husband isn’t a big crescent roll fan so the second time I made these for him I used a pizza dough cut up into sections and he devoured them!

Once they are made up you just pop in the oven at 375 until the roll is a golden color and the cheese is melted.


Especially that JT halftime show!

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