Everyone has a story …

Smart start with Monat is 2-3 months long, depending on what time of month you join. During this period you can earn an unlimited amount of bonuses.

The following story is from a cross-line Market Partner.

“So I have a Market Partner in Smart Start! As she finished her month, we stepped back to look at her hard work she just did! She is also a hairstylist and we determined that she had just made the same amount as she does doing 40 haircuts!

To a Stylist in one month, that was 1800 minutes or 30 hours of time standing on your feet!!

She took a step back for a second, now she could maybe take a lunch break, go to the bathroom, finally afford that vacation for her kids…. something to think about!!”

Let that sink in some for those of you that are working your butts off. This was just her first month. Imagine what the future holds for her as her team grows and builds layers.

Those that may dislike your boss. Those who want out of corporate America eventually. Those who want to start a family and just need that extra income in order to do so. What about being able to supplement the household income and stay home with those babies? Or to even be able to purchase your new home. It is possible with a little hard work and a product that works.

Monat has one of the most competitive compensation plans out there. And this is only one happy story of MANY.

Hear more powerful testimonies, read my post about potential and contact me to talk more about it.

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