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DIY Hair Color For Kids

Want to live like the “kool” kids? At least for 2-4 weeks?

Ever since watching the Disney Descendants series my kids have both been begging me to let them dye their hair. My daughter wants her hair like Uma (a mixture of black white and blue) and my son wants his hair like Carlos (white and black).

Now, they are only 5 and 9 so clearly I am not going to ruin their hair with a permanent dye. However, I am all about allowing children to express themselves and as long as I can assist them in a non-permanent, non-damaging way, then I will allow it.

Unfortunately my son attends a pretty strict private school so he was unable to take part in this. But I did tell him that this summer we could do his hair. But my daughter won’t start school until this Fall so she was able to be my happy-as-can-be guinea pig for this at home DIY.

Her hair is a dark blonde these days so I didn’t want to put any black in it. Instead we settled on pink, purple and blue. I will show you how we did her hair and then I will tell you what I would have done differently to get more dramatic results.

Now you can find two different ways to dye your hair with Kool-Aid on You-Tube:

  • The first way we found was by boiling water, stirring in the packet of color and then dipping the ends of the pieces you’d like colored into a bowl of the mixture for about an hour. This didn’t sound like the best option for a 5 year old, plus we didn’t want to dip-dye, we wanted to color pieces or sections.
  • The second way we found was to use conditioner and a Kool-Aid/hot water mixture. This was best used for all over coloring or streaks of color. Plus you don’t have to physically sit over a bowl for an hour.

We went with the second option as we wanted streaks of colors and it would be easiest for my 5 year old to let it set in. First we went to the store and picked out our colors and a white conditioner. Once home, we got her into old clothing.

We boiled the water and placed the packets of color into separate containers. If you are doing an all over color, 3 packets is plenty to use. But since we wanted multiple colors, we used 2 packets of each color in the containers.

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While the water was boiling I sectioned off my daughters hair so we knew exactly what the game plan would be. I definitely didn’t want all-over color and I also didn’t want hardly any color on the top layer of her hair. So I sectioned her hair into 4 layers and we worked on the 2nd and bottom (4th) layers. This way it was more of a peek-a-boo affect.

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Once the water had boiled I added just enough to each container so that the packet of coloring would dissolve, but not too much. You don’t want it to be runny. (I made this mistake with the purple)

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Then you can add conditioner to each container, mixing it very well. Again, you don’t want any runny liquid left over. This will create a paste like mixture and you are ready to apply.

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I used a new toothbrush to help me since I didn’t want to use my fingers as this will dye your hands very easily. (Gloves would have been perfect to have had on hand). I also pre cut pieces of foil to help me keep the dyed pieces separate from the rest of her hair, this way there would be no leakage or uneven sections of color.

Since we were using multiple colors I took the bottom section and made 5 pieces with it. We went in a Purple, Pink, Blue, Pink, Purple pattern. For the second layer we had about 5-6 pieces and took the pattern Pink, Purple, Blue, Purple, Pink. that way the colors would be nice and mixed.

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After she let the foil sit on her head for an hour, I decided to do just one small section on the top layer of her head for each color. I put this on about halfway into the hour, so it would hopefully be very muted. (She was also super frustrated with the foil so I went ahead and took them out in hopes the pieces we had covered wouldn’t leak much onto the other strands.)

After an hour, we washed her hair – be very careful not to use shampoo at this point. You won’t want to shampoo until a full day after. But really rinse out the conditioner mixture very well so there is no grainy residue. Then we blow dried to see how the color looked.

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The purple we can’t see at all. I believe that is because I accidentally put too much water into that container from the beginning. The pink isn’t as vibrant as expected. And the blue is also very muted, but the most noticeable. These pictures really don’t do the color justice. But it is just a barely there hint of color.

For a 5 year old, this is perfect. I think that we should have put plastic wrap on and slept in the mixture overnight for the best results. I have also heard that red comes out very well, so maybe our choice of pink wasn’t the best. But I wanted a sweet light look, nothing too vibrant.

It was a great trial run however until school gets out next month. And then we will likely redo it on both my oldest, overnight. But for now, my sweet 5 year old feels like a big girl and the barely there blue streaks are adorable in a sweet punk-rockish way.

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