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Inspire and Educate – CoSi

The Center of Science and Industry (CoSi), in Columbus, OH, has been a family favorite of ours since my oldest was almost 3. At that time he was into dinosaurs and could tell you what every single dinosaur’s name was – even those long, tricky ones – and whether they were a carnivore or herbivore! We find that while the Columbus Zoo is a perfect sunny day option, CoSi is the perfect for a cold or rainy day. But they do have an outside exhibit on site to enjoy also.

There is so much to see at CoSi that it is hard to fit it all in during one day trip, but if you get there early and stay as long as you can – you’ll see plenty! Don’t worry about lunch, there are several food choices if you forgot to pack. And a few locations to choose from to eat at.

There is something for everyone from Space, to Sea, to Energy, Gadgets, Progress and much more. As you go from one exhibit to another there is so much to learn and see and it is all interactive, which keeps the children tuned-in and excited. There are also a few exhibits that change every few weeks – right now they have the Silk Road and Dinosaurs – again! Tickets to CoSi, including all their additional things, such as movies, can be purchased on their website ahead of time, or at the guest check in station during your trip, at any time.

A couple weeks ago my oldest and I were able to enjoy a day together on a field trip to CoSi. It isn’t often that he gets my undivided attention these days, being the oldest of three. But we had a blast and even stayed longer than his school did so we could try to see it all.

Our day started by learning about aerodynamics, innovation and how energy works. Ashur loves to make paper airplanes and fly them through the house so this was one of his favorite moments of the day. Daddy is quite the paper airplane architect, so Ashur had a blast testing his abilities and seeing what changes made them fly further.

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Next we went to my personal favorite exhibit, the Ocean. There are plenty of water activities here including (not pictured) a submarine under water that the kids can go into. I can’t wait to return with my younger two as I am certain this will be a huge hit for them as well.

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After that we popped into a motion simulator ride where they chose to see a Dinosaur show. We also spent some time in the Gadgets room (be careful this room is a super FUN one that could take up the whole day if you let the kids choose – same with little KidsSpace for younger children, which lives beyond it’s name, it is a vast space) and outside in the Science Park.

We made our way up to Progress which is another favorite of mine. It is like walking back through the streets of the late 1800’s and then the 60’s. It is amazing to see what a huge difference 60 years can make, especially for the kids who haven’t seen hardly any of it before.

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We watched a 3D movie in the National Geographic Giant Screen theatre called Amazon Adventure. These movies are always a fun treat. They tend to have 3-4 different options of movies to choose from during the day, with several screen times for each.

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When the movie was over we went through the Life exhibit and played around. There is a lot of interactive information in this room about our bodies. This one may be a little bit creepy for the younger crowd. But my 9 year old was just fine.

We played a quick Space game while we waited on our Planetarium show, Starry Night Live, to begin, which was our last stop for the day, and easily our favorite. It was also nice to end the day in reclined seats looking up at the stars. Ashur really enjoyed this as much as I did. I told him he should become an astronomer and study space when he grows up. He didn’t realize that he wouldn’t be forced into space to do so (LOL).

This brought me to the realization of how educational and inspirational of an experience this could be. There are so many different topics and industries to learn about. It is not only fun, but something here could inspire anyone to fall in love with a particular topic – to be amazed. Enough that it could literally dictate what kind of career they may choose in the future or what type of classes they want to take in college. I think every time we go to CoSi we learn something new, which is why getting a membership is definitely a smart choice. Just like at the Zoo, we know that we will go a handful (if not more) times throughout the year, so when we add up the cost it’s always the best choice to purchase a membership. If that is out of the question for you, keep an eye here for their discounts and promotions.

I thank you for reading about our fun day and hope that it provokes you to take your child/children. I always take our trips to locations like these during the week because I am thankfully blessed enough to have weekdays off. And I know that there won’t be huge crowds of people like there are on the weekends. It causes me a lot less anxiety, especially when I have all three kiddos on board. If you go, please leave us a comment below and let me know which exhibit was your favorite or what your little scientist was inspired by.

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