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Columbus Children’s Theatre

If you are looking for a fun time with the kids, why not introduce them to live theatre? I have taken my children to several shows and we never leave disappointed!

Taking your children to the theatre is another way to inspire them and enrich their lives, creating a well-rounded background for them. And Columbus Children’s Theatre, located in the vibrant Short North district of Columbus, is sure to keep their attention! I think that it is easier for them to pay attention when they see other children their age acting out a lot of the parts. Plus most of the plays that are performed are familiar stories for the children.

You can purchase tickets by the show or by the season. You can even get your children into theatre a step further by signing them up for several types of Academy acting classes, taking part of a child writing project or letting them audition for a part in an upcoming play! The ages of the actors range from mostly children to some adults. The shows are kept light-hearted and humerous, it is fun for all ages!

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Have an autistic child? CCT is thinking of you too! Columbus Children’s Theatre is proud to provide Sensory Friendly Performances for audiences with autism or other sensory sensitivity disorders. CCT is participating in A project of Arts & Science Council, empowers you to give directly to local arts, science and history projects you are passionate about. Nonprofit organizations post projects that are in need of funding. You help bring them to life with a gift.

CCT also provides sign language interpretation! Bring your child to Columbus Children’s Theatre for a fun, unique afternoon and to show them many different aspects of the theatre world and the world they live in!

Check out the current season shows and the upcoming shows to plan your visit. There are daytime, evening and weekend showings available to suit your needs. And they always stay after to have a question and answer or talk about their character’s personalities on stage. So when that grumpy old witch is mean to the princess, don’t fret – all will be explained and the audience will be told afterwards why that is the wrong way to act.

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Become a fan on facebook , instagram, youtube and twitter to see updates about upcoming shows and auditions!

Also, because this theatre is in the Short North, it gives the perfect opportunity to make a date day with your little one. Walk them over to the North Market right down the block to try foods from all areas of the world, making this outing quite the educational and entertaining one!

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