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Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering

Jenn is the founder of Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering, a small business creating hand lettered goods. She lives with her husband and three kids in Newark, Ohio and is a believer in strong coffee. She wants to leave Christmas lights up all year, and could eat pizza for every meal. When Jenn isn’t chasing after their toddler- she loves date nights and laughing with friends. She is pumped seeing where God is leading Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering and the opportunities He’s providing in the future.

I came to know of Jenn because I work with her husband Corey in our local ER nine years ago – before he left for Cincinnati – and again for the past several years. Corey went to the same private school my son currently attends, which is extremely close-knit. Some of his friends are friends of my husband as well. He is the biggest supporter of his wife and gushes about her all the time. You can really tell when you talk to Corey that he could not be more proud of Jenn and her work.

I had run into Jenn at Real Deals in Granville,OH during one of their women’s nights out events and fell in love with her style and overall energy. There is something about a faith-driven, woman entrepreneur and mother that is wonderful at what she does that inspires the mother and woman inside of me. I love to multi-task and take on new art projects and to see someone be so successful at both, all while being a wonderful wife and mother, is so motivational.

The look and feel behind Jenn’s work is all the rave right now. It’s that vintage, customized, repurposed look and, most important, it is that item that you will give or receive that gives ALL the feels. The items she creates are gifts for literally anyone or any occasion. From graduation gifts to nursery rooms, Jenn can create you a one-of-a-kind piece for any special moment.

Enjoy the interview below and please visit her social media pages listed at the bottom. As a token to you readers, Jenn has created a coupon code that is $5 off any web purchase! (Use Code: mrsaugie)

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  1. When did you begin Cobblestone Road Lettering and how did you come up with the name?

Cobblestone Road started three years ago this July. I came up with the name because the house we lived in was set on the cutest little cobblestone street and I loved the idea that amidst all the asphalt and blacktop there was a remnant from the past with all it’s stories breaking through.  That’s a reflection of what we do here at Cobblestone Road- we look for places to help commemorate your story!

  1. What did you do prior to Cobblestone and what made you decide to take the jump and begin this business?

Since the birth of our oldest son, my primary job has been mama. I homeschooled the kids for a while, and then we had some hard circumstances happen that made it necessary for me to go back to work.  Having been out of the world of working outside the home for so long- I didn’t know what I would do.  I started substitute teaching in the same school district with the kids and would sneak lunches with them and drive them to and from school.  After being told enough times I should go for starting a small business doing lettering, Corey gave me one final encouragement to go for it!  Owning our own business has given us the same schedule flexibility along with doing something I’m so passionate about.

  1. What types of items do you currently offer and which are your top three most favorite you have done?

Many of our products are unique because they are created on repurposed and vintage items. I love taking items like vintage piano scrolls and old maps and books and finding fresh ways to use them to create pieces that have new purpose for people’s homes.  All of our items are also lettered by hand- never using vinyl or stencils- which makes it much more personal and easy to get a unique custom item for your home. The other pieces we create come from portions of my own story that other people resonate with- mugs, shirts, and paper prints that have phrases that are significant to me or have been meaningful in my own story- which other people also see value in.

One of my all-time favorite custom orders was for a woman who had recently battled cancer. She had brought a vintage wood piece and asked me to letter it with a Bible verse that carried her through her treatments.  When she saw the finished piece she got tears in her eyes, and so did I!  It meant so much that she trusted me with it.  We get to hear stories like this all the time and they are the most meaningful.  Stories of love, overcoming, sickness, comfort, and joy- we get to hear them and be trusted to create the reminders of them!

  1. You have been spotted at the Country Living Fair in Columbus and Real Deals in Granville. What else is on the schedule for you? Where can we see you? Do you have a shop or currently work out of the home?

All of our work is currently done out of our home- and boy is it crowded! We are scheduled to do several markets this summer, including Charm at the Farm and TWO Country Living Fairs this summer, along with the Vintage and Made Market in Lancaster.  We will definitely be back at Real Deals and have a really big announcement in the works as well (sorry, it’s top secret!)

  1. What has been one of your biggest challenges within your business?

Aside from the normal challenges of juggling three kids and a home-based business- anything that requires the left side of my brain is a challenge. This would include math, taxes, paperwork, measuring, spreadsheets…stuff like that.

  1. What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

Being the featured artisan by Joann Fabrics at the Country Living Fair last year was a pretty exciting thing for us, as well as traveling to Texas, Colorado, and Florida to teach workshops in the last year. Honestly though- getting the privilege of meeting the other business owners and customers we get to interact with is the most rewarding part. We have had the chance to work with the best people and most supportive community on the planet- and that’s something we don’t take lightly.

  1. Customization – you can literally, BEAUTIFULLY, write whatever we would like onto almost any type of surface, what has been the hardest item thus far?

Last summer I had to letter a quote on the bottom inside of a wooden crate. It was a really hard angle to get to, as the box was about 18 inches deep and I couldn’t brace my wrist on anything so it was really challenging.

  1. How has the Bible inspired you to not only take this leap but also in the items you create?

God’s word is amazing because it’s the only book you ever read where the author is present with you while you read it! It’s also unique because you can read the same verse years apart and learn something different every time, so it’s really an honor to get to share those words with the products we create.  We have constantly seen the Lord’s provision to guide this little business where He wants it to go, and that’s the most motivating factor there is!

  1. You have begun holding workshops, tell us what these entail and where we can sign up for the next one.

We do all sorts of fun workshops! We teach hand lettering, have make and take workshops and just started doing wedding workshops for bridal parties!  The best way to stay in touch about when we’re hosting them is to follow us on social media- and to grab your spots quickly because they sell fast.

  1. Tell us about your World Changer Campaign, what prompted this?

Our World Changer campaign is a way for kids to learn they can be world changers and fundraise for causes they’re passionate about. We love the chance to give kids a platform to do big things- and we have not been disappointed.  Being able to use our business and social media platform to empower young people to believe they can be used in big ways is one of my favorite things we’ve done.

  1. You certainly are an inspiration to other small business owners or women who may be wanting to begin their business. Who was your inspiration or muse?

There are so many times I feel inadequate and overwhelmed and it’s easy to get dragged down and discouraged when I begin comparing myself to others, or feel like I don’t measure up. My husband is not only my best friend but the most level head and encourager when I’m feeling down.  He really believes in this business every step of the way, and is a steady source of encouragement, support, and redirection to what is true when I forget.

Here are some of my favorite creations by Jenn:

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And here is one special design Jenn created with her children for an awesome purpose, check it out below:

“With all the heartbreak that happens in our schools these days it’s easy to get down about them. But there is also so much good that happens in them every day. Kids that show kindness to others, brave leaders, teachers who are invested, compassionate and brilliant, laughter, friendships, music, art and pizza day in the cafeteria (obviously)

For our kiddos last day of school I recruited my two favorite artists (my kids) to help me come up with an epic mural!

Three hours (and some awkward tan lines) later the school is all ready to welcome all those sweet little faces tomorrow.”

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