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Child’s Scavenger Hunt

The other day I was thinking about how much fun it would be to do a scavenger hunt with my kids. They are great at pointing things out and love to play the hidden pictures game in the Highlights magazine that grandma sends them every month. So I felt that a scavenger hunt would be like a real life hidden item type game. Not only that, but if I tweaked it to where we were going to be running errands, it could potentially help me out by keeping them semi-preoccupied so they wouldn’t get bored too quickly.

started to look for a few scavenger hunt ideas on Pinterest – it really has everything, doesn’t it!? And I ended up coming across several amazing ideas, so I thought I would share! 

If you are running errands at the mall or even a department store, here is a great one to keep the kiddos busy. This is also a good one for once they start to sound out words and read because it asks them to find different types of signs or words on a sign (ie: sale,exit)

If you are taking a walk in the woods or at a nature park, Dawes Arboretum is our local favorite, this scavenger hunt is perfect! 

How neat and fun is it to do one in your yard that is similar to the above nature hunt and to report back on the driveway to mark things off with chalk and place the items you find in their respective boxes/circles!? A workout while you have fun, maybe you can race back to the driveway.

This alphabet scavenger hunt is great to have printed off and in your purse/diaper bag or whatever it is you carry with you – to keep the older kids busy – because it can be used ANYWHERE you go. So having these on hand at all times will always give you an item to keep the kids minds busy all the while making them sound out the items they find to see if they fit in the spaces they still need. Very cool and perfect for the items you find along your road trip even!

I thought that this Photo Scavenger Hunt was a nice way to brain-tease the kids and make them think even more. Putting the scavenger hunt in clue form. Rather than telling them what to find. Give them clues and while you are out have them try to find the clues and write their answers down. Then take a picture of them with the item (polaroid or print it later) and add to the book 🙂 Check out more info on this particular scavenger hunt and how to set it up here

For more outdoor-themed scavenger hunt ideas, check out this website. I personally like the one shown below that was based on color classification. My kids and I do this kind a lot while we are on a walk. They have to find every color of the rainbow, and collect the pieces as we go (as long as we aren’t destroying plants or flowers).

And if none of the hunts above spark your interest, visit this awesome website that has an article titled “32 Ways Kids Can Go on a Scavenger Hunt”. You will be sure to come up with an awesome idea for you and your kiddo. 

Most importantly, have fun!

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  1. I am TOTALLY going to try this out with my toddlers! They have been having a hard time with letter recognition but always do pretty good with games! Thanks for sharing!

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