Understanding your VIP Flex Ship Order


Flexship is the most convenient way to receive our products, and each qualifying Flexship ships free!

Each qualifying Flexship also includes a FREE product . It’s called Only For You, and you can’t them get any other way.

As a VIP Customer, we ask that you have two qualifying Flexship orders of $84 or more after your enrollment order, and we do not set a deadline by which they must be completed.

Product usage and needs vary from person to person. Some will want to order every month, while others don’t need it as frequently, especially if you’re taking advantage of our flash sale offers.

When you enrolled as a VIP Customer, you set a date for your first Flexship order.

Before it ships, you’ll receive an email from us. This gives you time to adjust what is included in the order.

Or, you can also push out your Flexship, up to 60 days at a time; there is no requirement to receive an order before you push the order again.

These two videos show you how to adjust the timing of your Flexship and the contents.

Thank you again for becoming part of the MONAT Family!



Quench Your Thirst

Has this summer heat got your locks feeling lackluster? Maybe the salty beach trip did you some good, but not quite the story for your hair.

Well don’t stress, as usual we are ahead of the game and have just the thing in the nick of time.

Today Monat announced TWO new products that will hydrate the heck out of your tresses. And to kick them off we have an amazing sale going as well. For more info on these items visit my site to view the details, or get your order in.


Two New Systems


Effortless Style System includes the very popular Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and Blow Out Cream. Your hair will shine!

R3 System includes the fantastic Renew Shampoo, Restore Leave-in Conditioner and REJUVABEADS™. Get ready for silky, luxurious hair!


Curl Cream is Here to Stay!

You’ve been asking for it and now it’s finally here to stay!

Our Curl Cream has been a fan favorite ever since it was introduced last year. It will now be a permanent product on our line and to kick it off we are giving it away for FREE from now until midnight EST on 3/28!

For the curls you crave, or if you’re wishing for waves…  Make Today YOUR Day!

Now Through March 28th, 2018 Purchase Any of The Three Duos Below and Receive a FREE Curl Cream & Diffuser!

Smoothing Duo
Smoothing Shampoo
Smoothing Conditioner

Volume Duo 
Revive Shampoo
Revitalize Conditioner

Hydration Duo
Renew Shampoo
Replenish Masque

VIP Price: $70 USD / $90 CAD
MP Price: $57 USD / $74 CAD
Retail Value: $118 USD / $154 CAD*
*Retail Value includes value of free Curl Cream ($36 USD / $48 CAD)

To order click here and shop under the Promotions tab.



The Wait is Over!


In Celebration Of The Official Launch of Our Colour Enhance Line, We’re Offering Free Shipping Today From Noon to Midnight EST!

This is for you, Beautiful Brunettes, Brilliant Blondes and Perfectly Platinums!

The wait is finally over!!

Seize The Day and Take Advantage of This Special Offer.

MP Price: $50 USD / $67 CAD
VIP Price: $61 USD / $82 CAD
Retail Price: $72 USD / $96 CAD

Show Them Your TRUE Colors. Shop Today!

View some of the awesome before and after photos our customers have sent in:

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Brilliant Blonde Results

No filter whatsoever. This is my daughter’s hair with the brand new Brilliant Blonde Colour Enhance shampoo from Monat in a span of only two washes!

Look at that difference!!! And her big smile, she loves her “golden” hair!

Help lengthen the time between now and your next appointment with a colorist.

The flash sale for a great deal on this product, Perfectly Platinum or Beautiful Brunette sets ends tonight at midnight! Place your order here!


My products are here, now what?

Instructions needed? YES!

Ok, so there really is a right and wrong way to wash your hair! All of the Monat products are SUPER concentrated! Few people need more than a nickel size of shampoo! I use a nickel size of shampoo even when I had a TON of hair. Get your hair SUPER wet and put a dime to nickel size dollop of shampoo in your hand. Rub your hands together then pat the shampoo in your head to spread it out… next massage into scalp. You will likely not get a good lather, if it lathers at all.

Allow this to sit for around 2 minutes then rinse. Now REPEAT! Most people can use a little less on the second shampoo than the first but TWO shampoos is a must! I have always only shampooed once so this was odd to me, but I have learned from several stylists that we were always supposed to shampoo twice. I guess the instructions on the back of every shampoo bottle really matter! Second shampoo, massage into scalp again, you will get a better lather this shampoo and actually be cleansing your hair and removing build up. Two minutes is always the key here so again, allow this to sit on your scalp for about 2 minutes and then rinse. Trying to decide which shampoo would be best for you? Read here to determine!

If you are using the Replenish Masque, this is when you will apply it! Ring out your hair and take about a nickel-quarter size amount and rub it in your hands. Again pat this on your hair concentrating on ears down, then work up towards the top. This should stay on at least 5-7 minutes. If you have very dry hair add a nickel size amount of your conditioner (if you are not planning to use the leave in) and then rinse the masque and conditioner at once. If you don’t have very dry hair rinse the masque then apply your conditioner for two additional minutes and rinse. It is important to note that the masque is NOT to be used for every wash! It contains a lot of protein that can actually be damaging to your hair if used too frequently and needs the shampoos in between to prevent a protein build up, so please only use the masque once every 4 or 5 washes.

If you are not using the masque, follow your second shampoo with your conditioner. Concentrate on your ears down for conditioner. Remember shampoo scalp, condition hair. That’s where you want to concentrate each product! Unsure which conditioner is the best for your hair type? Click here to read all about them.

If you are using any styling products, be sure to apply them and let them sink into the follicles for 2 minutes each before you start drying. The Blow Out Cream is perfect for daily use as it has a heat protectant in it that will help keep your hair safe from the heat of any styling tools. Another very important thing to note – turn the heat down on all styling tools. Monat will make your hair baby soft and the high heat you were used to using before can actually damage your hair.

The Oil can be used for SO many things! It literally has over 100 uses – if you want to see the whole list, click here. Below are just a few of my favorite:
  •  I use 2-3 drops as a facial moisturizer, especially for around my eyes, always after a shower or face wash.
  •  I put 4-5 drops into my mascara bottle and make sure its mixed in really well, the oil (as it does in all of our products) will help lengthen/thicken your lashes over a few months use!
  • You can put 2-4 drops on towel dried/damp hair prior to blow drying for a nice smooth finish
  • You can use 1-2 drops, as needed, after styling for any flyaways. Just remember a little goes a long way!
Enjoy and let me know how it goes!! Can’t wait to hear what you think!



Time To Show Our VIPs Some Extra Love!

We are showing our love for our VIPs this month and we are doing it BIG!

Any VIP who places a qualifying Flexship order ($84 USD/$110 CAD) in the month of March is immediately entered into a drawing for a Royal Carribean Cruise!

We will be offering a 6-8 night cruise for 8 lucky VIPs and a guest of their choice (5 in the US and 3 in CAN).

This will include a Royal Carribean cruise, airfare, and $1,000 in onboard spending!

This is our way of showing our VIPs how much we love and appreciate them so reach out to each and every one of your VIPs and make sure they process a qualifying Flexship this month to be eligible.

Go order and set that order up – only one order, at any time during March, gets you an entry!

You’ll also receive our amazing Super Moisture Masque as your free item this month!


Major League Travel Set

Score Big For The Road with our NEW Major League Travel Set!

A Win-Win Situation: A Travel Set for Two
Sponsor a New Market Partner with a Product Pack in March and you and your NEW Market Partner will receive a NEW Major League Travel Set.
An All-Star Line-Up You’ve Never Seen Before.

Travel-Sized Products Include:

  • MONAT Black Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Smoothing Shampoo
  • Smoothing Conditioner
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo
  • Refinish Control Hairspray
  • Blow Out Cream
  • Revive Shampoo
  • Revitalize Conditioner

Contact me with any questions at all, or to see what the product kits are!


The Crown You Never Take Off


Here she is…Miss Kentucky United States! Congratulations to MONAT Market Partner Adrienne who was crowned Miss Kentucky United States last night! Next stop is the national competition in June in Orlando. Congrats to Adrienne and good luck!



A little over a year ago, Adrienne contacted a beautiful lady within our company team, Beth Parks, because her hair was thinning and breaking off. Beth started her on the Hydration System and Rejuveniqe Oil and later added styling products and S3 vitamin supplements. Adrienne was so blown away by how the products restored her hair that she became part of the MONAT family.

Contact me to help you to transform your hair, too!