Quench Your Thirst

Has this summer heat got your locks feeling lackluster? Maybe the salty beach trip did you some good, but not quite the story for your hair.

Well don’t stress, as usual we are ahead of the game and have just the thing in the nick of time.

Today Monat announced TWO new products that will hydrate the heck out of your tresses. And to kick them off we have an amazing sale going as well. For more info on these items visit my site to view the details, or get your order in.


The Crown You Never Take Off


Here she is…Miss Kentucky United States! Congratulations to MONAT Market Partner Adrienne who was crowned Miss Kentucky United States last night! Next stop is the national competition in June in Orlando. Congrats to Adrienne and good luck!



A little over a year ago, Adrienne contacted a beautiful lady within our company team, Beth Parks, because her hair was thinning and breaking off. Beth started her on the Hydration System and Rejuveniqe Oil and later added styling products and S3 vitamin supplements. Adrienne was so blown away by how the products restored her hair that she became part of the MONAT family.

Contact me to help you to transform your hair, too!


United Kingdom Welcome to the Fam

Today is the Day!

You are invited to participate in an exclusive, limited time opportunity in one of the most competitive and rewarding Direct Sales Companies that is redefining the beauty industry.

This is a big step to work for yourself in an industry that promotes health, beauty, and unlimited opportunities. We want to show you how much we admire that commitment and visionary by encouraging you to become eligible for MONAT’s prestigious EU Founder’s Club.

Founders are an elite group of entrepreneurs who seized the moment as soon as they saw the potential of MONAT. They demonstrate the passion, commitment and desire to fuel MONAT’s explosive growth, and as such, they are among the first to reap its rich rewards.

As an EU Founder, you’ll enjoy sharing in 1% of EU Commissionable Revenue, divided each quarter amongst qualified EU Founders. In addition, you’ll enjoy other exclusive benefits, such as Founders-only gifts, upgraded business tools and exciting opportunities for training and travel.

The time is now!
Don’t let a single day delay you from
reaching your goals.

Want to become a Monat Founder and receive profit sharing from the European Founders Pool? Now is your chance!

UK Product Pack Flyer –
Here is the scoop! There are TWO options for those who join in the UK.

Due to the UK regulations, those who join a network marketing company cannot spend over £200 in the first 7 days, so here are the options –

1.) Purchase the Business Product Pack for £199
2.) Purchase the Starter Kit for £99 and then in 7 days, upgrade to the Success for £350 or Overachiever Product Pack for £499!

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A few things to note:

-from Monat Corporate: there are not any product pack bonuses currently available or being offered in the UK. The FREE (extra offer in US and Canada only) Volume system does not come with UK product packs.
-If you purchase the starter kit, you may now upgrade on day 8. If you purchase the business pack, you cannot.

-The new colour systems are only available in US and Canada, at this time.
-The Money Back guarantee does apply, just as in the US and Canada.

-At this time NONE of the Meet Monat Events are full. Below is a list of locations you are free to attend, sign up at the link here:

  • Radisson Blu, East Midlands on Feb 19th at 7PM UTC
  • Oulton Hall, Leeds on Feb 20th 7PM UTC
  • Worsley Park, Manchester Feb 21st 7PM UTC
  • Radisson Blue, Belfast Feb 22nd 7PM UTC
  • New Place Hotel, Southampton Feb 26th 7PM UTC
  • Tortworth Court, Nr Bristol Feb 27th 7PM UTC
  • Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales Feb 28th 7PM UTC
  • Doubletree by Hilton, Glasgow Central Mar 1st 7PM UTC
  • Quy Mill Hotel, Cambridge Mar 5th 7PM UTC
  • South Lodge Hotel, Horsham Mar 6th 7PM UTC
  • The Oxford Belfry, Oxford Mar 8th 7PM UTC

Join the Monat UK facebook page to keep up to date, and watch Meet Monat Live videos from the comfort of your home, if you cannot attend one of the above listed meetings. And when you are ready to take charge and change your life, enroll here.

Here are the UK items “currently planned” available May 1st:

• Hydration
• Volume
• Repair (Intense Repair Shampoo + Intense Repair Treatment)

• REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive
• Intense Repair Shampoo
• Intense Repair Treatment
• Intense Repair Conditioner
• Revive Shampoo
• Revitalize Conditioner
• Reshape Root Lifter
• Renew Shampoo
• Restore Leave-In Conditioner
• Replenish Masque
• Black Shampoo + Conditioner
• Blow Out Cream



What exactly are you looking at here?


This was the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at Grand Prairie, IL two weekends ago where a Monat training event was being held. All of these brand new Cadillacs belong to Monat Market Partners. Some are stylists. Some are stay at home moms. Some are retired far sooner than they had ever imagined. Some are not even 30yrs old.

But all of them had big goals and even bigger dreams.

Here are just a few of my direct upline partners.

If you would have told me when I started my journey in August that there would already be just TWO ranks between me and the keys to one of these babies, I would have told you it will never happen. The unbelievable blessing this company has been for my family and all of the families under and above me is priceless. And now this seems closer and closer each month.

A $300 investment in my hair has led to a lifetime investment in our future.

This is the beginning of something so much bigger than I ever could have expected. The shopping industry is changing rapidly and in home companies are becoming a regular thing. It is said that this is the age of the entrepreneur and those that start a home based business with consumable products that deliver real results will become financially free.

Support your friends.

Support your families.

Support small businesses.

Change your mind and change your life. Clicking on that link will show you our Map to Success and our Compensation Plan that is unparalleled by other small businesses.

For testimonials and stories from our Market Partners visit here.


Everyone has a story …

Smart start with Monat is 2-3 months long, depending on what time of month you join. During this period you can earn an unlimited amount of bonuses.

The following story is from a cross-line Market Partner.

“So I have a Market Partner in Smart Start! As she finished her month, we stepped back to look at her hard work she just did! She is also a hairstylist and we determined that she had just made the same amount as she does doing 40 haircuts!

To a Stylist in one month, that was 1800 minutes or 30 hours of time standing on your feet!!

She took a step back for a second, now she could maybe take a lunch break, go to the bathroom, finally afford that vacation for her kids…. something to think about!!”

Let that sink in some for those of you that are working your butts off. This was just her first month. Imagine what the future holds for her as her team grows and builds layers.

Those that may dislike your boss. Those who want out of corporate America eventually. Those who want to start a family and just need that extra income in order to do so. What about being able to supplement the household income and stay home with those babies? Or to even be able to purchase your new home. It is possible with a little hard work and a product that works.

Monat has one of the most competitive compensation plans out there. And this is only one happy story of MANY.

Hear more powerful testimonies, read my post about potential and contact me to talk more about it.


New Year New Opportunity

Does your new years resolution have anything to do with making more money? Spending more time with your family? Saving money to buy furniture, put away for college, or even buy those earrings you’ve been eyeing?!! Monat can make your resolution a reality!

Monat is a big part of my life!! It truly is an amazing company and an amazing one of a kind product.
Why not change your life for the better starting today? Day 1!

If you’ve been playing with the idea of joining let’s not play anymore and let’s do It!

Happy New Year New You !

Very few times do we have amazing offers like this come about…. but there’s no time like now to have this offer going.

These items are FREE ($200 normally) to any new market partners in January.

Join here

Please ask me any questions about market partner or details regarding what other amazing benefits you’ll receive!

This is the year of Monat, jump on board!


Join our Amazing Team – This Weekend at a Deep Discount

The product packs are already discounted 40% to 45% so this would make it 50% to 55% off all products in the pack! Crazy!!

NOW is the time, more than EVER, to join this business! We are projected to be the #1 hair line in 2018. Sales are through the roof! But we are still new and growing rapidly. Shouldn’t you be the one to introduce Monat to your friends and family, not a stranger? Even if you don’t wish to sell and just want the incredible discount – this is for you! We have no quotas to fill or renewal orders at all.

I absolutely love my job, my company and my team. These girls are wonderful and I couldn’t ask to have fallen into a better situation. ?

Thank you so much for the surprise Brandi!

Want to join our amazing team, become your own boss and have a team and upline that respects you and shows you your worth? Please contact me!