DIY Crafts at Home

Kid Customized Kicks

Are your kids that perfect combination of creative and stylish? Need a new, cheap rainy day activity that will keep them entertained for at least an hour, maybe more? Better yet, it’s an activity that you could do again and again without boredom ever creeping in!

A few weeks ago we had a bout of 3 rainy afternoons in a row. The hubs was already at the store and the kids were over watching the movies I had rented the day prior. With the pool and trampoline out of the question, I decided I was time to bring out the big guns and come up with an entertaining craft for them to focus on.

I quickly called the husband, hoping he hadn’t already left the store, and asked him for 2 items – a pair of white sneakers for each child and a large pack of colored sharpie markers (as our daughter refuses to color with any other kind and has dried our current stash out). The sneakers were a mere $3.97 per pair (in kid sizes and $5.98 per adult) and the large pack of sharpie markers was around $18.00 (but well worth it!).

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The kids were so excited when Daddy got home and I sat them at the table letting them know they could create their very own pair of original shoes! Design away they did and we ended up with some really fun and funky sneakers! They made sure to wear them that very night and show them off at dinner with the grandparents!

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The one thing you will want to be sure to do is take out the laces. I decided to join in with the kids and chose to leave my laces white. But my older two decided to color their laces individually as well. You really can create whatever you want! Which is super fun for them, and you!

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Check out the finished looks below, didn’t they do a great job? They certainly had a blast creating their own unique, custom-made kicks.

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After seeing how much fun the kids had, I decided to create a pair of my own. Check them out below!

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Why not create a pair or two of your own inspired and custom shoes? Use quotes, favorite images or even something super memorable. Mine were inspired by my peacock-themed wedding, my beliefs and my daughter (who LOVES flowers, dandelions and making wishes!). If you create a pair as well, please share them with me so we can see your creativity. You can share on my facebook page, tag me on instagram or even on twitter!

DIY Crafts at Home

DIY Hair Color For Kids

Want to live like the “kool” kids? At least for 2-4 weeks?

Ever since watching the Disney Descendants series my kids have both been begging me to let them dye their hair. My daughter wants her hair like Uma (a mixture of black white and blue) and my son wants his hair like Carlos (white and black).

Now, they are only 5 and 9 so clearly I am not going to ruin their hair with a permanent dye. However, I am all about allowing children to express themselves and as long as I can assist them in a non-permanent, non-damaging way, then I will allow it.

Unfortunately my son attends a pretty strict private school so he was unable to take part in this. But I did tell him that this summer we could do his hair. But my daughter won’t start school until this Fall so she was able to be my happy-as-can-be guinea pig for this at home DIY.

Her hair is a dark blonde these days so I didn’t want to put any black in it. Instead we settled on pink, purple and blue. I will show you how we did her hair and then I will tell you what I would have done differently to get more dramatic results.

Now you can find two different ways to dye your hair with Kool-Aid on You-Tube:

  • The first way we found was by boiling water, stirring in the packet of color and then dipping the ends of the pieces you’d like colored into a bowl of the mixture for about an hour. This didn’t sound like the best option for a 5 year old, plus we didn’t want to dip-dye, we wanted to color pieces or sections.
  • The second way we found was to use conditioner and a Kool-Aid/hot water mixture. This was best used for all over coloring or streaks of color. Plus you don’t have to physically sit over a bowl for an hour.

We went with the second option as we wanted streaks of colors and it would be easiest for my 5 year old to let it set in. First we went to the store and picked out our colors and a white conditioner. Once home, we got her into old clothing.

We boiled the water and placed the packets of color into separate containers. If you are doing an all over color, 3 packets is plenty to use. But since we wanted multiple colors, we used 2 packets of each color in the containers.

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While the water was boiling I sectioned off my daughters hair so we knew exactly what the game plan would be. I definitely didn’t want all-over color and I also didn’t want hardly any color on the top layer of her hair. So I sectioned her hair into 4 layers and we worked on the 2nd and bottom (4th) layers. This way it was more of a peek-a-boo affect.

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Once the water had boiled I added just enough to each container so that the packet of coloring would dissolve, but not too much. You don’t want it to be runny. (I made this mistake with the purple)

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Then you can add conditioner to each container, mixing it very well. Again, you don’t want any runny liquid left over. This will create a paste like mixture and you are ready to apply.

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I used a new toothbrush to help me since I didn’t want to use my fingers as this will dye your hands very easily. (Gloves would have been perfect to have had on hand). I also pre cut pieces of foil to help me keep the dyed pieces separate from the rest of her hair, this way there would be no leakage or uneven sections of color.

Since we were using multiple colors I took the bottom section and made 5 pieces with it. We went in a Purple, Pink, Blue, Pink, Purple pattern. For the second layer we had about 5-6 pieces and took the pattern Pink, Purple, Blue, Purple, Pink. that way the colors would be nice and mixed.

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After she let the foil sit on her head for an hour, I decided to do just one small section on the top layer of her head for each color. I put this on about halfway into the hour, so it would hopefully be very muted. (She was also super frustrated with the foil so I went ahead and took them out in hopes the pieces we had covered wouldn’t leak much onto the other strands.)

After an hour, we washed her hair – be very careful not to use shampoo at this point. You won’t want to shampoo until a full day after. But really rinse out the conditioner mixture very well so there is no grainy residue. Then we blow dried to see how the color looked.

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The purple we can’t see at all. I believe that is because I accidentally put too much water into that container from the beginning. The pink isn’t as vibrant as expected. And the blue is also very muted, but the most noticeable. These pictures really don’t do the color justice. But it is just a barely there hint of color.

For a 5 year old, this is perfect. I think that we should have put plastic wrap on and slept in the mixture overnight for the best results. I have also heard that red comes out very well, so maybe our choice of pink wasn’t the best. But I wanted a sweet light look, nothing too vibrant.

It was a great trial run however until school gets out next month. And then we will likely redo it on both my oldest, overnight. But for now, my sweet 5 year old feels like a big girl and the barely there blue streaks are adorable in a sweet punk-rockish way.

DIY Crafts at Home

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. But sometimes those tricky little bad dreams still come about. In order to get my daughter to sleep in her own room, we had made a dream catcher a while back together. It was a lot of fun so we decided to make another one this week and capture the moment so we could share with you how we did it.

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Dream catchers are created to catch the bad dreams at night. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear. Children sleeping under a dream catcher would thus be protected from nightmares. They have been a favorite for above a new baby’s crib even just as decoration.

You can create a dream catcher that looks authentic with natural found feathers and earth tone beads and strings. Or you can use any color scheme you like. I am all about intention, so as long as you make it with good intention, the purpose will have the same meaning. The dream catcher is a personal thing to you and what you choose to add to it reflects your meaning.

We had so much fun creating these and it gave my little one the opportunity to give her momma direction, work on her counting and colors all while feeling empowered. We headed out to the store to gather all of our supplies and I let her have free rein in this department. It was to be her dream catcher in and out. From the colors to types of additions she wanted. Hobby Lobby is our clear store of choice for any and all projects.

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Once home we laid out all of our items, plus some additional items we already had at home, to see what all we had to work with. Now, we don’t make our dream catchers the traditional way – with the suede scraps and tying them in a spider web fashion. Instead, for children, I found it is easiest to use a cross stitch circle hoop, cross stitch fabric and these awesome plastic needles (no ouchies for the babes!)

We start off by unfolding the cross stitch fabric and smoothing it out. Then you will want to tightly lay it in the inner circle of the hoop, widening the fastener on the outside circle so that it can hug the inner circle, then tighten it as much as possible. We use this metal part as our hook to hang the dream catchers on a nail once we have finished, so just remember that this will be the “top” of the dream catcher.

Next, letting the little one choose the first color, I threaded the embroidery floss through the plastic needle and made sure to tie a nice knot on the end. This way once she pushed the needle through the cross stitch fabric, it would stay put on the one side.

Then she picked out the exact beads she wanted strung on that particular piece of string. I helped to get the beads on and then she chose where she wanted to push the needle back through and back up again.

I decided, with the embroidery floss colors she chose, that threading each one through about 3 times would be plenty once we would add all the beads and feathers.

Here is how our back looked once we were finished with the treading and beading of all three embroidery floss colors she chose.

Next it was time to hang our beautiful feathers. I allowed her to pick out the colors she wanted and we ended up with seven to hang. This part was a little bit tricky so I handle most of it. I wanted the feathers staggered a bit so measuring out the length is not important here. Tie off each string and then poke through the back to the front, being sure to even space them out along the bottom rim.

My little one had fun pairing the perfect beads to go along with each feather selection while I worked on the string. Then I simply added the bead to each string and tied the other end to the feather. Lastly, I slid the bead on the end of the feather to tighten the tie I had made. (previously we just made a dot of hot glue and wrapped the floss around the end, but this tie-bead option worked just as well)

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The final touches were to add our beautiful flower to the top to help disguise the metal hook we would use to hang it, and just to give it some extra flare! We also threaded a few extra feathers into the overlapping yarn. While threading the feathers in, it is a good idea to also send some positive vibes into the dream catcher. You can makes wishes or just send positive vibes and comments out through the dream catcher and into the world.

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Check out her new dream catcher, she is super proud of it. It is a lot bigger than her first one too, almost as tall as she is! I think I’ll be making my own dreamcatcher next time, all natural colors with crystals secured in. Sounds beautiful, right? Stay tuned…

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DIY Crafts at Home

Project DIY

I love to look great without breaking the bank. And who doesn’t love getting a little arts-and-crafty? So, if you love Project Runway (like I do), then you will love Project DIY as much as I do! Every month you will receive the materials to make 2-3 original accessory pieces that you’ll love to make as much as you’ll love to wear!

Kits, ranging from $20-$39, from arts-and-crafts mecca M&J Trimming includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you will need to create customized accessories. And they don’t just give you the trims to make projects, Project DIY curates collections and looks you’ll love!

For their first ever collection, Project DIY features 3 original designs inspire by classic equestrian looks currently stomping the runway. Cool off this fall with a unique double-wrap bracelet, tassel keychain ornament and charm necklace with September’s equestrian-themed kit.

New to DIY? If it is your first venture into DIY, Project DYI has got you covered with all the tools and goodies you need to make the monthly projects and additional DIY’s when inspiration strikes!

These pieces are timeless and adorable. You won’t be able to wait to brag that you made it yourself!

DIY Crafts at Home

Wreaths for Everyone

I have seen so many gorgeous wreaths lately and have wanted so badly to make one myself. Until a friend recently made one for her mom and her grandmother, I had put this project on the back burner. But after seeing how beautifully, and seemingly easy, her wreaths turned out I was ready to head to my all time favorite store – Hobby Lobby

Now, I can never walk into Hobby Lobby with a purpose and not come out $200 deep. This girl does some damage! I always find awesome trinkets, other project ideas or some household decor that ends up in my cart. This particular trip I ransacked the Christmas decoration aisles (40% off!!) and got all new tree theme decor.

Once I headed over to the wreath/floral section – where I originally came to be – I had thought I would create a wreath that matched my new Christmas decorations. But then I saw leopard print and had to go with it. Leopard print has my eye these days!

So I played around in the flowers trying to find some that had the same color hues, adding in a sparkle here or there and making sure I had at least one “pop” of color. Once I had created what I felt was a good grouping, I picked out the size/look and type of wreath I wanted to decorate. I am a sucker for the grapevine/treebranch look and I wanted it as big as my door would allow. Then it was off to find the perfect letter initial for our family name. There were different sizes and fonts to choose from, some already painted and some raw wood. Here is what I came home with (in regards to the project):


The first thing I did was take all the floral tags off and cut the flowers stem to the size I needed. To cut, I used scissors (wire cutters would be easiest- but my hubby was out of town and I had no clue where in the garage I would find such things). I had to cut around the area and then bend the wire both ways for it to break off at the point I wanted. I would suggest cutting roughly 5-6 inches down the stem from the flower so you have some room to weave the stem into the wreath to secure it. See below my cut stems:



Once the stems are cut and you decide how you want them placed in the wreath, weave them into place. I suggest playing around with the placement and order of the flowers along the side of the wreath before you just start weaving them in, this way you are sure of how you want them placed. This is where my son stepped in and helped me create a pattern.

Now it’s time to paint (if you so choose) your initial. Once finished, hot glue all these suckers into place and hang it up to show off your craftiness!



Here are some other personalized wreaths I made this year for Christmas gifts.