Black is the new Purple

Blonde? Toned? Not sure how to keep it up?

What is purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a deep purple shampoo that distributes purple pigment to neutralize brassy, yellow tones. So to neutralize yellow hues, you’d color them with purple ones. Purple shampoo uses basic color mixing to hide those brassy tones. So when we wash our hair with purple shampoo, our hair absorbs a small amount of purple pigment, which cancels out red and yellow undertones, making your blue undertones higher. It basically brightens up the blonde by restoring your hair to its former cooler color.

Why you shouldn’t use purple shampoo:

Many purple shampoos have the following ingredients: Sodium Laureth, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. They are potentially damaging to the hair and can cause dryness. Those sensitive to these chemicals may also experience skin or eye irritation. Except Monat has come out with a botanically created version, completely nontoxic and nourishing for the scalp and follicles.

What causes hair to become brassy?

Sometimes the stuff in our water can build up on the hair and make it brassy, such as minerals, chlorine, or even rusty pipes.

Why use Monat?

Monat shampoo actually removes buildup from your hair. It is cleaning the hair shaft and removing the deposits that cause your hair to become brassy in the first place. Now you can use super hydrating, naturally based MONAT products for blonde perfection!

  • Monat Black is from our Men’s Line but is best used once the toner has faded off keeping the hair from getting brassy from mineral and environmental buildup. Best used also before you get her hair done to make sure it’s clarified.”
  • Please note: in the scenario of getting your hair highlighted and the stylist didn’t get it light enough, Monat doesn’t have pigment in it. It will help with vibrancy but not help with brass due to a bad color application.
  • Monat Products will make blonde, and any other color of hair, much more vibrant. Lengthening the timeframe between your color upkeep appointments.
  • All Monat Products, but especially the Monat Black, will also help with new hair growth and the length of your hair, minimizing breakage and nourishing the scalp.

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Hear from customers:

“I bleach my hair. I had damaged blonde hair. I’ve been using Monat for less than a month and recently started chelating my hair in between, went to get my hair done yesterday, my hairstylist first reaction was ‘how come your hair is not brassy’, then she felt my hair and she could not believe it how good my hair felt. It was silkier and healthier than 3 months ago. I had brought my Monat products with me. I asked her to wash my hair with renew shampoo, replenish masque and revitalize conditioner and she could not believe the results. She had never seen such amazing results from just one wash. She was blown away and hooked. Last time when I came she used purple shampoo, yesterday she said there was no need. At the end she told me this product sells itself, she asked me how she can get it and I was able to share some samples and a business card and believe great things are waiting to come.” – Olga

Caroline’s Story

“I have literally been bleaching my hair since I was in 7th grade. I used salon products and even threw in a purple shampoo in the past few years to help with the brassiness. I wanted silver hair but no matter how many times I got my hair colored, it would still turn out basically purple from the shampoo and was SO DULL!! It was weak and beyond damaged. I always had to get my hair cut at least an inch at each hair coloring appointment but I would STILL have split ends. It was tangly to the point of being unable to even run a wet brush through it. It was SO unhealthy.

In November, I used Monat on a whim. A sweet friend was just getting started selling it and being the ultimate consumer (seriously, if you sell something I will buy it), I ordered a system. I was hooked after my first wash. Once my hair was dried and styled, it felt like silk. I called my friend and immediately signed up as a Market Partner. I had no idea that a few bottles from a hairline could totally transform my hair, but I think these pictures speak for themselves.

The left picture is from the very beginning of September. And the right is from yesterday afternoon. Notice the color change (no more purple), notice the shine, notice my ends!

1st wash: Black 2-1
2nd wash: switch between renew and revive
Smoothing Deep Conditioner
Masque once every two weeks with a drop or two of oil
After shower: Junior Detangler, Restore Leave In Conditioner. I use Rejuvabeads every 3 washes and Blow Out Cream if I am going to blow dry. I use the Rejuvenique Oil after styling.”

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