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Best Gender Reveal Ever

When Matt and I found out that we were pregnant for the second time, we knew we wanted to enjoy this pregnancy a little more than we were able to the first.

Long story short, our first pregnancy was a surprise blessing. We were living states away from each other (Ohio – North Carolina), had not been dating very long and neither of us were prepared for the gift God had in store for us. Needless to say, everything worked out perfectly and we ended up happily married just 4 years later, our little guy was our adorable ring bearer. But because we were so unprepared, I didn’t end up moving in with Matt until I was 5 months along. We found out the sex of the baby and didn’t get to really spend much time together enjoying pregnancy and preparing for the baby to arrive, everything was a rush.

So, this time we were married and trying to conceive. We wanted to enjoy all the things we missed out on the first time. So, when it came to finding out the sex of the baby, I suggested we let that be a surprise. Matt simply couldn’t bare to think of not knowing, so we compromised – we would have a gender reveal party and be surprised with all of our friends and family.

First, we made sure that at the ultrasound appointment we didn’t ruin the surprise. We told our doctor before he started that we didn’t want to know and handed him two pieces of folded cardstock to write down “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” on. We then had him seal those inside privacy envelopes. (We really didn’t trust ourselves!)

Then we spoke with a bakery and a store to discuss what we wanted. The bakeries are pretty used to these “secret” requests these days. All we had to do was take them one of the sealed envelopes and tell them what we wanted the outside of the cake to look like. I suggest a darker color frosting versus a white or light colored frosting, as to not show through any pink or blue insides and ruin something you’ve worked so hard planning. For the store we called and spoke with a manger and told him we would be bringing in a large box and an envelope and wanted them to stuff the box full of the appropriate color balloons and seal shut. We used our local Meijers – but any store that sells/blows up balloons will do.

Make sure to gather up all kinds of pink and blue items and decor. We also threw in some appropriate baby shower type games and a really fun arts and craft contest of creating a onesie for the baby. We gave out gift cards to all the winners.

On our invites we asked all those attending to please wear pink or blue, depending on what they thought baby would be. We got an iron-on printable kit and made our son a fun shirt (see front and back of his shirt in pictures below) in support of his decision – hoping for a sister!! Make sure to take a before shot of the blue vs pink teams!

After all the guessing games were done and most of the pizza was gone, Matt and I anxiously opened the big box to see what would come out.

The reactions were priceless, and we were so thankful that we hired our photographer to come capture the moments with us!

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By this point everyone was ready to celebrate with cake! Ashur was especially excited to see the pink inside, and we let him have the first piece, since he got his wish of a baby sister!

We got one more picture of the pink and blue teams, post-reveal!

Finding out the gender in this fun way and being surprised along with our friends and family was memorable and so much fun! I think everyone had a good time being in on it and seeing our reactions and it was definitely better than just hearing “boy” or “girl” in a doctor’s office. I would highly suggest having a gender reveal party! We couldn’t have felt more loved by our close friends and family to be there with us and be as excited as we were. It was a beautiful and awesome day!

It’s ok, Daddy now has his own little munchkin to steal his kisses! And low and behold – the doc was right. A beautiful baby girl she is!

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    1. Thanks! It was SO much fun and so worth the wait! Our next pregnancy we didn’t find out at all until birth day!

    1. Yes, it was so fun to do this way. Our next pregnancy we didn’t find out until the birth day and that was a magical moment!

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