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Beetles on a Log

So if the old tried and true healthy kid snack was ants on a log, I have now upgraded those ants to beetles!

I had almost half a bag full of walnuts left over after re-making one of my mother-in-law’s delicious recipes the week after we brought Leighton home from the hospital. She was so helpful and made us a huge serving of her delicious sausage and spinach cheesy penne pasta, a big salad with apples and walnuts and some extra mouthwatering buttery garlic pretzel bread to last us our first week of dinners at home. It was so good (no shock there), that when we ran out I went out to get the ingredients and remake it for the next week!

So with my leftover walnuts I figured it was time to lay off the carb overload, of pasta and bread, and finally get a kickstart into losing the baby weight and eating healthier for me and breastfed baby.

I washed and sliced up some celery and spread peanut butter on top and then opened the cabinets to find the half full bag of walnuts staring at me and though “why not?”. It was pretty darn tasty! Plus it was a win win to also use up some leftover ingredients before they went bad!

Ever since then, this has been a great choice for a mid-day snack to reenergize me to finish out the work day (or take my toddler to the park like I promised this morning).

PS: I’ll ask if I can post the recipes to my MIL’s yummy recipes later! She’s such an amazing cook!

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