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An Anonymous Girl – Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

The Anonymous Girl is a riveting tale about a young girl, Jess, trying to make her way in the big city. When the opportunity falls into her lap to make a little extra cash one weekend by attending a simple survey on a college campus, she bites the bullet and does so. Whats a girl to do that is strapped for cash? 

The survey is regarding morality and ethics, and as she is posed multiple open ended questions Jess is pressed to open up more and more. At the end of the survey Jess is given the option to further the study with the professor behind the screen for even more money.

Having found out that her family is also falling on hard times, Jess takes the obvious route and chooses to extend the study. To do so, she is required to meet with the professor in a one on one basis for more in depth sessions.

She is also asked to perform “assignments” asked of by the professor, Dr. Lydia Shields. These tasks seem unusual but Jess is ensured that her safety is always the first priority, and that she can stop the sessions at any time.

Little does Jess know, Dr. Shields isn’t just studying morality and ethics, she has an ulterior motive – one that hits much closer to home than expected. Jess also comes to find that she is not the first “subject” to get close to Dr. Shields, who is found to be much more powerful than initially foreseen.

Just how powerful is Dr. Shields? How destructive can she be, especially now that she knows all of Jess’s deep dark secrets? What are all of these assignments for? And who else will be trapped in Dr. Shields’ venomous web?

This book was quite the page-turner. I absolutely loved it. I hope you do as well. Leave a comment below!

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