Air Dry Cream

I used the Air Dry Cream for the first time tonight and WOW I am shocked! Amazed me! I typically blow dry it and straighten it but I’ve been sick all day and had no energy for that lol so pulled out the Air Dry Cream! Have to say I will be using this ALL THE TIME now!!

Personal Monat testimony! So I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about how Monat is a shampoo that sends your hair through a process of cleansing to remove years worth of pollution and buildup so that it can start healing your hair from the inside out. For some people (but certainly not all) this phase can have temporary side effects such as increased oiliness & dryness. This phase started for me after I cut my hair and bleached the mess out of it. I’m not going to lie, I had a short lived mini panic attack because my hair was doing SO well with Monat & I thought I was one who wouldn’t experience this period, however when it started happening I wasn’t all sad because I knew it would help me understand better what my customers who experience it go through. This period was definitely manageable and it was interesting watching my hair heal from the inside out. The picture on the right is my hair yesterday with no brushing or drying! I have made it through the wilderness and now my hair is shinier, prettier and healthier than ever! Remember all good things take time but the results are SO worth it!

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