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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. But sometimes those tricky little bad dreams still come about. In order to get my daughter to sleep in her own room, we had made a dream catcher a while back together. It was a lot of fun so we decided to make another one this week and capture the moment so we could share with you how we did it.

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Dream catchers are created to catch the bad dreams at night. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear. Children sleeping under a dream catcher would thus be protected from nightmares. They have been a favorite for above a new baby’s crib even just as decoration.

You can create a dream catcher that looks authentic with natural found feathers and earth tone beads and strings. Or you can use any color scheme you like. I am all about intention, so as long as you make it with good intention, the purpose will have the same meaning. The dream catcher is a personal thing to you and what you choose to add to it reflects your meaning.

We had so much fun creating these and it gave my little one the opportunity to give her momma direction, work on her counting and colors all while feeling empowered. We headed out to the store to gather all of our supplies and I let her have free rein in this department. It was to be her dream catcher in and out. From the colors to types of additions she wanted. Hobby Lobby is our clear store of choice for any and all projects.

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Once home we laid out all of our items, plus some additional items we already had at home, to see what all we had to work with. Now, we don’t make our dream catchers the traditional way – with the suede scraps and tying them in a spider web fashion. Instead, for children, I found it is easiest to use a cross stitch circle hoop, cross stitch fabric and these awesome plastic needles (no ouchies for the babes!)

We start off by unfolding the cross stitch fabric and smoothing it out. Then you will want to tightly lay it in the inner circle of the hoop, widening the fastener on the outside circle so that it can hug the inner circle, then tighten it as much as possible. We use this metal part as our hook to hang the dream catchers on a nail once we have finished, so just remember that this will be the “top” of the dream catcher.

Next, letting the little one choose the first color, I threaded the embroidery floss through the plastic needle and made sure to tie a nice knot on the end. This way once she pushed the needle through the cross stitch fabric, it would stay put on the one side.

Then she picked out the exact beads she wanted strung on that particular piece of string. I helped to get the beads on and then she chose where she wanted to push the needle back through and back up again.

I decided, with the embroidery floss colors she chose, that threading each one through about 3 times would be plenty once we would add all the beads and feathers.

Here is how our back looked once we were finished with the treading and beading of all three embroidery floss colors she chose.

Next it was time to hang our beautiful feathers. I allowed her to pick out the colors she wanted and we ended up with seven to hang. This part was a little bit tricky so I handle most of it. I wanted the feathers staggered a bit so measuring out the length is not important here. Tie off each string and then poke through the back to the front, being sure to even space them out along the bottom rim.

My little one had fun pairing the perfect beads to go along with each feather selection while I worked on the string. Then I simply added the bead to each string and tied the other end to the feather. Lastly, I slid the bead on the end of the feather to tighten the tie I had made. (previously we just made a dot of hot glue and wrapped the floss around the end, but this tie-bead option worked just as well)

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The final touches were to add our beautiful flower to the top to help disguise the metal hook we would use to hang it, and just to give it some extra flare! We also threaded a few extra feathers into the overlapping yarn. While threading the feathers in, it is a good idea to also send some positive vibes into the dream catcher. You can makes wishes or just send positive vibes and comments out through the dream catcher and into the world.

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Check out her new dream catcher, she is super proud of it. It is a lot bigger than her first one too, almost as tall as she is! I think I’ll be making my own dreamcatcher next time, all natural colors with crystals secured in. Sounds beautiful, right? Stay tuned…

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